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Wyoming Destination Wedding by Civic Photos


An online dating success story, Marka and Adam first met through OkCupid. Although their first in-person date over coffee seemed rather low-key, sparks flew as the couple commenced talking for hours. And just like that, the connection of a lifetime was made. The couple decided to keep things simple for their nuptials, celebrating with 28 of their closest family and friends in Moran, Wy. Against the awe-inspiring view of the Teton Range, Marka and Adam exchanged their vows. “It stopped raining right as our ceremony began,” notes the bride. Following the ceremony, guests were treated to an intimate wild-game feast including buffalo filet mignon, elk and trout. “My favorite moment was getting our closest friends and family into the middle of nowhere to enjoy the beautiful surroundings…with lots of alcohol,” laughs Marka. Feast your eyes on this lovely couple’;s festivities, captured in images by fine Houston wedding photography studio Civic Photos!

RW-MarkaAdam-CivicPhotos-DESWyoming_Wedding-011_600px RW-MarkaAdam-CivicPhotos-DESWyoming_Wedding-017_600px RW-MarkaAdam-CivicPhotos-DESWyoming_Wedding-023_600px RW-MarkaAdam-CivicPhotos-DESWyoming_Wedding-024_600px RW-MarkaAdam-CivicPhotos-DESWyoming_Wedding-033_600px RW-MarkaAdam-CivicPhotos-DESWyoming_Wedding-030_600px RW-MarkaAdam-CivicPhotos-DESWyoming_Wedding-037_600px RW-MarkaAdam-CivicPhotos-DESWyoming_Wedding-046_600px RW-MarkaAdam-CivicPhotos-DESWyoming_Wedding-076_600px RW-MarkaAdam-CivicPhotos-DESWyoming_Wedding-084_600px RW-MarkaAdam-CivicPhotos-DESWyoming_Wedding-103_600px RW-MarkaAdam-CivicPhotos-DESWyoming_Wedding-105_600px RW-MarkaAdam-CivicPhotos-DESWyoming_Wedding-110_600px RW-MarkaAdam-CivicPhotos-DESWyoming_Wedding-054_600px RW-MarkaAdam-CivicPhotos-DESWyoming_Wedding-111_600px RW-MarkaAdam-CivicPhotos-DESWyoming_Wedding-113_600px RW-MarkaAdam-CivicPhotos-DESWyoming_Wedding-119_600px RW-MarkaAdam-CivicPhotos-DESWyoming_Wedding-131_600px

Photos: Civic Photos


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