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Uptown Love Wedding


Start spreading the news… This New York wedding is one to swoon over & swoon we did! A gorgeous bride in a traditional satin mermaid gown fit to perfection paid great tribute to the city in her special way. A little blue box for decor is hard to miss, but a very regal ceremony at a famous NYC church screams Big Apple! We can’t leave out the fact that CliffCphotography’s snaps of the Central Park shoot has us all wanting to buy plane tickets! Check out the full gallery of this uptown love wedding & fall in-love just like we did!

bride heels - CliffCphotography wedding dress - CliffCphotography wedding dress - CliffCphotography bride - CliffCphotography 
wedding bouquet - CliffCphotography  
groom shoes - CliffCphotography

groom tux - CliffCphotography pet - CliffCphotography Wedding Shoes - CliffCPhotograph bride and groom - CliffCphotography Wedding Shoes - CliffCphotography 
wedding kiss - CliffCphotography New York Wedding - CliffCphotography wedding kiss - CliffCphotography bride groom - CliffCphotography Wedding Entrance - CliffCphotography Wedding Cake - CliffCPhotograph center piece - CliffCphotography  
bride groom dance - CliffCphotography

bride groom dance - CliffCphotography bride groom - CliffCphotography Flowergirl - CliffCphotography 
wedding party - CliffCphotography 
wedding kiss - CliffCphotography

wedding gift - CliffCphotography 
bride - CliffCphotography 
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Photographer: CliffCphotography // Reception Venue: Astra// Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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