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Trancoso Bahia, Brazil


Get ready to pin your little heart out, because our latest trip destination is basically Pinterest’s dreamland. Last month, we headed to Brazil this time with two special destinations in mind. A little town called Trancoso, in the state of Bahia, located in the northeast; and Corumbau, a remote fishermen village a few hours south of Trancoso. Mr & Mrs Smith has once again blown us away with top rated + unique hotels. We got lots of photos to share so let’s get to it!

Trancoso Bahia, Brazil for Honeymoon

I will start our recap with Trancoso, which is the closest town to Porto Seguro airport (BPS) of the two. It’s a quick non-stop flight from Sao Paulo international airport (GRU). There are two daily non-stop flights from GRU so it’s best to book as soon as you’re ready to visit (Tam and Gol airlines). Porto Seguro airport is teeny tiny – which is maybe why these towns have held their charm for so long, but that means flights to and from are few and far between. If you’re aiming to combine a stay in Rio, there are 4 non-stop flights a week to BPS (Azul and Gol airlines), so book early for a short itinerary!

Bahia Brazil Honeymoon Ideas - Bahia Brazil Honeymoon Ideas - Bahia Brazil Honeymoon Ideas - Bahia Brazil Honeymoon Ideas -

The town of Porto Seguro is a sight to see, with cobblestone streets lined with colorful casas – some dating back to old colonial times when Brazil was first discovered by the Portuguese in the 1500s. Porto Seguro to Trancoso is less than an hour by car which you can either hire Uxua’s driver to pick you up for a fee or take a rental car and drive yourself. We opted for a rental car but more on that later…

Bahia Brazil Honeymoon Ideas - Bahia Brazil Honeymoon Ideas -

Quick stop in Arraial D’Ajuda for photos and handicraft shops, which is on the way to Trancoso. There you can get these colorful ribbons, most make a wish and tie them behind the church or around their wrists.

Bahia Brazil Trip Ideas - Bahia Brazil Honeymoon Ideas -

Our first stay, Uxua Casa Hotel, is located right on the Quadrado, Trancoso’s town square. The hotel is comprised of 11 casas, each completely unique with its own history. You can find out more about this hotel here where Mr & Mrs Smith give you the lowdown on everything you need to know plus perks only available when you book through them.

Bahia Brazil Honeymoon Ideas -

The houses were designed by Wilbert Das, former Creative Director of Diesel, in collaboration with several local designers and artisans. The interior design alone is an experience in itself. Since we’re talking standalone houses, you can expect spacious rooms with full kitchens and separate living areas. It has the amenities of a hotel but the privacy and space of a rental, which is really the best of both worlds and perfect for families too.

Bahia Brazil Honeymoon Ideas - Bahia Brazil Honeymoon Ideas -

Our casa was Seu Pedrinho, located right on the Quadrado. We were worried about the noise at first but we actually loved being able to look out the window and see the town come alive in the evenings. There was no noise that we noticed, specially with the bedroom being at the back of the house.

Bahia Brazil Honeymoon Ideas - Bahia Brazil Honeymoon Ideas -

Quadrado where Uxua is located, sits on a cliff, so to go the beach you need to walk downhill for about 10 min where Uxua’s bar and cabanas will be waiting for you. If you’re traveling with small children I HIGHLY recommend a stroller, because going back is well, uphill. The bar is right off the boardwalk through the mangrove so you won’t be really pushing a stroller through the sand. Uxua has a huge stock of beach toys to borrow, so no need to worry about bringing yours from home or finding a place to buy here. Honeymooners aside – can we talk about how amazing their baby cribs are? It was a solid wood crib with a driftwood finish to make Restoration Hardware jealous.

Bahia Brazil Honeymoon Ideas -

The pool, however, is where we found ourselves most of the time. Uxua’s pool was made with about 40,000 Aventurine Quartz stones, which is as amazing to look at as it is to walk on. The all day shade was a big plus for little ones too.

Bahia Brazil Honeymoon Ideas - Bahia Brazil Honeymoon Ideas - Bahia Brazil Honeymoon Ideas -

Honeymooners and adventure seekers alike have a few day trip options to beaches such as Praia do Espelho or Caraiva, but the pace really is more for relaxing and taking your time. It’s easily one of the most romantic yet unique spots we’ve visited. I honestly can’t recommend Trancoso enough for a honeymoon if you’re looking for a truly unique destination.

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Let Mr & Mrs Smith plan it for you – they guarantee the best nightly rates and high chances of an authentically unique honeymoon. Thank you for hosting us and stay tuned for our next stop!

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