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top 10 engagement ring styles for 2018


Fashion isn’t just about clothes and catwalks. It is also about trends. Any product designed for the open market is subject to trends, and jewelry is no different. This means that demand for engagement ring styles is just as much subject to peaks and troughs as anything else.

Although almost all engagement ring designs are based on a range of classic standards, modern attitudes dictates that these standards are often quite loosely applied. For consumers, this relaxed approach to ring design etiquette means we have many spectacular designs available to us that may not have been around 20 or 30 years ago.

So what will this year bring? Some old friends, certainly, but with some new ones starting to make waves. Here are our Top 10 engagement ring design styles for 2018.

3 Stone Engagement Ring

1. 3 STONE

The 3 stone, or trilogy, engagement ring has always been a popular choice, but something happened late last year to send demand into orbit. When Prince Harry proposed to Meghan Markle, he did so with a ring containing 3 diamonds. The purpose of the 3 diamonds is to represent the past, present and future. Harry did this by sourcing a diamond from Botswana, as well as smaller diamonds from his mother’s collection.

The British royal family jewelry collection has always influenced jewelry trends, especially since Princes Diana. With the engagement of Harry and Meghan, the clamour for a 3 stone ring is likely to increase significantly through the year.

Halo Engagement Ring


A perennial favorite which shows no signs of going away any time soon. A halo ring is typically a large center stone with a further setting of smaller stones providing the halo of the name. Halo rings are often great examples of color contrast in engagement rings. Emeralds, rubies and sapphires are all very popular choices for the halo stones.

An added benefit of a halo ring is that the addition of the halo can make the center stone appear bigger than it actually is. This is emphasized even more by halo rings almost always being in bezel settings.

Art Deco Engagement Ring


Ah, art deco, probably the most enduring of all the art schools we’ve seen in the past 200 years. As far as engagement ring style so, art deco is always a winner. The style always adds history and heritage to any ring, especially the diamond.

The majority of art deco engagement rings have tremendous character that just can’t be matched by modern designs. One of the greatest things about art deco engagement rings is that they don’t fit any single “type.”

Solitare Engagement Ring


Not the only game in town but, for a while, it was certainly one of the biggest. Although the name solitaire will be forever linked to diamond engagement rings thanks to Tiffany & Co., it is a term used for any ring with a single stone and nothing else, regardless of whether it’s a diamond or even an engagement ring. Traditionally, the Tiffany setting will have 6 prongs holding the diamond in place, but this isn’t always the case.

Because the diamond needs to be capable of standing alone, choice of stone is paramount. Usually, a solitaire diamond will be larger than might be used in rings with other stones. This, in turn, can add to the price of the ring. There’s no doubting, though, the appeal of a beautiful solitaire diamond ring.

Pave Engagement Ring


A pavé setting has long been popular on all kinds of ring. Now, though, the style is gaining real popularity in engagement ring design. Technically, a halo ring can also be a pavé ring, if the halo is set accordingly. However, engagement rings tend to take a different approach if pavé is intended to be more than just a secondary element.

More and more, instead of pavé on top of the setting, we are seeing small diamonds set into the shoulders of the band. This immediately draws the eye upwards towards the main center stone, but also means the pavé stones are impressive in their own right. Such a style can mean a lot of diamonds are used, and the carat weight can get quite high.

Aquamarine engagement ring


Diamonds, of course, have always dominated engagement ring design and probably always will. But, recently, we are seeing more and more colored stones being used. Diamonds are often still present, but more as an enhancement than a centerpiece. One colored stone which is causing quite a stir is the aquamarine engagement ring.

Aquamarine works perfectly with white metals like platinum, and also with diamonds. This long under-appreciated semi-precious stone has a range of tones that blend well in just about any setting. Yes, it’s different, but that’s a good thing!

Cluster Engagement Ring


Part halo, part pavé, full-on spectacular. Cluster rings became massively popular a few years ago when bling was at its h7 Today, cluster-led tastes have become somewhat more subtle, but no less stunning. A center diamond surrounded by several smaller, but still significant, diamonds gives a huge boost to the light reflecting properties of the ring.

Not for the faint hearted, for sure, but perfectly suited to a modern society which likes to be that little bit daring.

Contemporary Engagement Ring


The word “contemporary” can mean a lot of things. In the engagement ring world, though, it’s a little easier to define. Because engagement rings tend to have their origins deep-rooted in history, with vintage and antique rings especially popular, many designs are immediately ruled out of being contemporary. Now, though, we have a whole group of new designers producing new, incredibly bold engagement rings.

From a band which doesn’t meet at the top, or two interwoven bands which weave effortlessly around each other, we’re seeing more and more unusual designs. Swirls, twists and more show nothing is off-limits for modern ring makers.

Antique engagement ring


An antique, or even a vintage engagement ring shows that, sometimes, it’s not just about the diamond. Antique engagement rings have a style all their own, from the band to the stones.

Complex filigree work or added milgrain often means that an antique engagement ring is utterly unique. It is this uniqueness which keeps antique engagement rings in popular demand.

Tension engagement ring


Tension settings are an increasingly popular way of wearing an engagement ring. The usually single diamond is held in place by a split band that uses the natural tension of the metal to hold it in place. They are definitely a style statement that says a lot about the wearer.

Because the diamond isn’t set traditionally, light is able to pass through the stone completely, which enhances the brilliance and fire properties considerably. Brave, daring and quite stunning, the tension setting might just be THE big one for 2018.

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