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Marland Mansion Oklahoma Engagement Photos


The Marland Estate in Ponca City, Oklahoma, is affectionately known as the “palace on the prairie.” It’s no wonder that for this Oklahoma couple, the Marland Estate was the perfect backdrop for their engagement session. It provided the best of both worlds – a beautiful, classic location for formal photos and also, a radiant landscape for more casual, natural shots.


The groom wears a dark jacket, white button-down shirt, jeans, and black shoes. The bride wears a white peplum dress with nude heels. With the timeless stonework behind them, their outfits are perfect.

A few up-close shots not only show off the bride’s beautiful ring, but also, the affection between the couple. Standing or sitting, they look completely in love – which is exactly what one wants for an engagement session.

engagement engagement

Leading the way, the groom grabs the bride’s hand and leads her past another terrace on the grounds. The white stonework is exquisite and truly sets the focus on the couple.


The two make an outfit change. He wears a light blue button-down shirt and she transforms into a lace top, jeans, and sandals.


They explore more natural areas of the estate’s grounds. The sunlight is exquisite and provides wonderful light through the trees.


The bride and groom pause at a few stops for some classic photos. Whether they are resting on a stone pillar or on the grass, they look completely comfortable and content.

engagement engagement

Sometimes nature is so generous. This field of yellow completely surrounds the couple in every direction. The groom leads the bride through the field for a lovely image.


They stop for a last few shots, both equally lovely and affectionate.


The contrast between not only the couple’s outfits and the flowers, but also, from the look at the outset of the shoot is quite attractive.


Northern Oklahoma is naturally beautiful. With an exceptional, and surprising, venue that boasts not only a classic exterior but the brilliance of nature’s bounty, the couple were able to get two completely different impressions in one fabulous engagement session.

Photographer:  Amanda Watson Photography
Film Scans: Indie Film Lab
Makeup Artist: Malorie Avaline Hair & makeup
Location: Marland Mansion

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