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Madison James 2017 Collection


We’re so thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered up with to showcase their brilliant and out-of-this-world new wedding gown line in a shoot photographed by . This shoot styled by our resident Kathryn Godwin from was so fun and flirty; it was the perfect setting for these exquisite gowns. You can quickly see how hard it was to choose just a few to shoot, and we’re hopelessly obsessed with every single one of them. Take a look and you will know why:

madisonjames-weddinggowns034 madisonjames-weddinggowns032




madisonjames-weddinggowns056 madisonjames-weddinggowns054

What is not to love about a blush pink wedding gown? Write down style if you were searching for a dream gown that is unique, romantic and a statement maker all at once.

madisonjames-weddinggowns057 madisonjames-weddinggowns065

Short-sleeved wedding dresses can certainly be glamorous, too! Especially when they’re designed like Madison James’s gown. This A-line stunner is covered from head-to-toe in gorgeous lace and the back is heavenly with a low-cut style and delicate pearl buttons trailing all the way down to the hemline.

madisonjames-weddinggowns071 madisonjames-weddinggowns073 madisonjames-weddinggowns078 madisonjames-weddinggowns001

Say hello to these two beauties right here! and are for the brides who have such a deep affinity for lace, and even for the brides who would just love to wear a beautiful wedding gown. Both are curve-hugging column silhouettes and their architectures are giving off serious vibes of the roaring 1920s.

madisonjames-weddinggowns090 madisonjames-weddinggowns093 madisonjames-weddinggowns095 madisonjames-weddinggowns097 madisonjames-weddinggowns099

has high fashion written all over it. Its high neckline and fitted bodice is decked out in lovely crystals forming intricate swirls and patters. This gown gives sparkle that is hard to miss.

madisonjames-weddinggowns002 madisonjames-weddinggowns005 madisonjames-weddinggowns007 madisonjames-weddinggowns013 madisonjames-weddinggowns025 madisonjames-weddinggowns030

Here’s a darling close-up of , an ultra-stunning sheath gown with some really fine scallop details. The overall texture the dress creates is a wonder to just gaze at; when you look at the gown as a whole, it’s simply breathtaking.

madisonjames-weddinggowns060 madisonjames-weddinggowns081 madisonjames-weddinggowns085 madisonjames-weddinggowns105 madisonjames-weddinggowns104 madisonjames-weddinggowns100

How spectacular is the gown, too? Take a look at and have fun trying on all of these gowns. We have hunch you might fall in love with them like we did!

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