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It’s More than a Ring! Insuring Your Engagement Ring


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Get total peace of mind with comprehensive jewelry insurance.

Okay, we can all agree that jewelry insurance is not the most romantic thing to talk about, especially when you’re still glowing from the wonderful high of being newly-engaged. But, as with most significant things associated with adulting – like planning a wedding or securing your first mortgage — it’s something that requires careful consideration. That said, insuring your engagement ring isn’t as difficult a process as it sounds, and the result — peace of mind above all else — is totally worth it.

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You’ll want to hold on to that precious ring forever! Insure it for all its worth.

Insuring My Engagement Ring. Where do I begin?

A bit of research is always a good way to start before committing to any insurance policy. If you’ve been googling for a dedicated jewelry insurance, Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company is probably one of the names that keeps popping up. And for good reason.

Jewelers Mutual® is an insurance company that exclusively insure jewelry. The company was started by jewelers for jewelers over 100 years ago, in other words: they really know their stuff. Jewelers Mutual policies are built around the way you live your life, so whether you travel a lot or love adventures in the great outdoors (or the kitchen!), you can wear your ring, worry free.

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Jewelers Mutual has been in the jewelry insurance business since 1913. Feel comforted with insurance from a company that’s been protecting jewelry for over a century.

What are My Options?

Ring insurance can be purchased through a “jewelry rider” or policy extension attached your homeowners or renters policy. Note that riders may only cover up to a certain dollar value so it’s always good to ask questions. If you plan to get your ring covered this way, some questions to ask: what’s the limit to the coverage? How do I increase my coverage? Does the policy cover accidental loss, damage, mysterious disappearance or theft?

While homeowner’s riders may cover loss due to theft (up to a certain value), to get coverage that extends to accidental loss, damage and mysterious disappearances, you’re better off with a comprehensive jewelry insurance like the one provided by Jewelers Mutual. Other advantages of a specialized ring insurance include coverage wherever you go – even on your travels worldwide, replacement of ring of the same kind and quality (good news if you have name-brand jewelry), and the availability to work with your preferred jeweler. Jeweler Mutual’s customers also have access to a simple personal online account management service at any time.

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He proposed with your dream engagement ring. Always keep it safe!

Get All Your Questions about Jewelry Insurance Answered

If I lost my engagement ring and filed a successful claim, will the ring be replaced or will I get reimbursed in cash?

Did you just go “wait, there’s a difference between a replacement and a reimbursement?!” to the above question? If you’d like to learn the finer points of jewelry insurance including topics like preventive repairs and deductibles, we recommend downloading this free handy e-book that talks about everything you need to know regarding insuring your ring. For those averse to legalese, we promise, it’s a really easy and very informative read! Check it out: The Essential Buyer’s Guide to Jewelry Insurance. For FAQs, you can also check out Policy 101.

Ready to get your engagement ring insured? Get a free quote here – it literally takes just a few seconds and no contact info is required!

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Adventure awaits! But before that, make sure that your To Do checklist includes getting proper insurance coverage on your valuable jewelry. When you damage or lose your jewelry, the last thing you should worry about is how to repair or replace it.

It’s More Than a Ring – Insure it for all its Worth
An engagement ring is more than just ring. It’s a token that represents the love, commitment and the journey that the two of you share. While nothing can replace the sentimental value attached to the ring, it’s good to know that by having it covered by the right jewelry insurance, you don’t have to endure the added agony of forking out for a replacement should it ever get lost or stolen.

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