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Italy Wedding Shoot


Italy Wedding Shoot.

Everything about this styled shoot from Italy oozes sophistication and old world elegance. From the ornate, out-of-this-world invitations to the gorgeous gold mirrors in the ballroom, everything is bright and luxurious, as well as aged and mysterious.

The setting resembles Tuscany with its sprawling greenery and gated walls. Everything about this venue is exquisitely weathered, evoking an antique romance found in old poetry and love letters.

italy wedding shoot italy wedding shoot

The invitation suite is remarkably original. The invitation features a white outline of the venue on a tan piece of parchment, similar to the save-the-date card. However, it’s the envelope for which the assortment of pieces, are delivered that truly captivates with its rich detail and regal presentation.

italy wedding shoot

The first glimpse at the bride’s style shows her glamorous heels. The gold pairs are secured at the ankle and will certainly provide a show-stopping strut down any aisle.

italy wedding shoot

Yet, her gown is soft and elegant – the perfect balance to her stylish heels. The dress features billowy sheer sleeves with lace detail on the sheer bodice, which gives way to a fluttery skirt.

italy wedding shoot

Her bouquet features ample greenery nestled alongside a bright pink peony and assorted white filler flowers that offer size and texture.

italy wedding shoot

The groom looks dashing in a black tuxedo with black bow tie. Together, they make a handsome pair as they walk along the corridor of the venue.

italy wedding shoot

The back detail of the bride’s gown is exquisite – the perfect excuse not to wear a veil on your wedding day!

italy wedding shoot italy wedding shoot

She’s all smiles as she stands on the weathered cobblestone streets, basking in the sun.

italy wedding shoot italy wedding shoot

The groom finds shade under a nearby tree before joining the bride on a walk around the outside of the venue.

italy wedding shoot italy wedding shoot italy wedding shoot italy wedding shoot italy wedding shoot italy wedding shoot

The aged architecture provides a characteristic and unique backdrop for this wedding scene. And with the bride in her beautiful gown, she becomes a graceful, soft presence amid the gray, rugged stone walls and steps.

italy wedding shoot italy wedding shoot italy wedding shoot italy wedding shoot

Escort cards are displayed outside on a small shelf with a colorful floral arrangement in the center.

italy wedding shoot italy wedding shoot

Awaiting inside the reception space are the bride and groom, huddled close together in front of the grand window.

italy wedding shoot

There’s a sense of intimacy and secrecy as these two stand alone in a decorated reception room, with no one else around but the two of them.

italy wedding shoot

This sophisticated scene from Italy is timeless and elegant with its unique blend of modern touches in a setting that, although not new, is antiquated in the most beautiful way. Some styles come and go and some, well, they’re just everlasting.

Photographer Vadim Slabzheninov
Organization and workshop Kira and Ira Photography
Dress and decor @nastena_kuchinskaya
Muah @kondratenko_makeup_hair
Backstage @pavelpavel_d8b92 @iren_muller @juliamark_photo
Coordinators @yuliaturovskaya @sachuklena
Bow tie @kristakoltun
Hair accessories @neabridalmilan
Lingerie @buduar.n_collection
Calligraphy @miranchukova
Ring box @flowersforlola_goods
Accessories @neabridalmilan
Couple @anzzhelina @_andy_fin_
Scan and development @lighthousefilmlab

italy wedding shoot

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