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honeymoon for (nearly) free


Weddings are expensive, your honeymoon doesn’t have to be! With a few strategies that you’ll get to use for yourself, Jon Hayes (the Founder and CEO of RewardStock) planned his honeymoon to the Maldives with first class airfare and 8 nights in a luxury hotel for just $ 90 a person.

Impossible right?! Not so. Jon has created a platform that uses financial / earning strategies to help you get points from the money you’re already spending on your wedding.

You can travel anywhere for almost no cash, if you follow the right personal finance plan. RewardStock will give you a free, step-by-step strategy that shows you how to achieve your travel goals and pay for the trip with reward points instead of cash!

How to get a honeymoon for (nearly) free by using rewards for the money you're already spending on your wedding

Ever wonder how people get amazing trips with reward points? This site shows you how.

Convenient reward tracking and smart recommendations for how to use your points to go anywhere, RewardStock automatically tracks your reward balances from most major programs and they analyze a million redemptions so they can tell you the best ones to fit your situation.

How to get a honeymoon for (nearly) free by using rewards for the money you're already spending on your wedding

Don’t have a ton of points yet? By signing up for the right credit cards (those with huge sign up bonuses) RewardStock shows you how to earn points & then use those points to have your dream trip.

You’re paying for your wedding anyway, why not use the right strategies to make your wedding pay for your honeymoon?! Take this quick quiz (it’s fun!) to discover your perfect honeymoon destination and start your journey towards making it happen!

Sign up for your free account here!

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