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Emerald City Band Will Rock Your World (AND Your Wedding)


Top Houston Wedding BandEmerald City Band | Photo: f8studio

This band, you guys…OMG. We’;ve seen some pretty phenomenal wedding bands in our 30+ years in the “making memories’; biz. But 13-piece, crazy-talented, super-high-powered Emerald City Band is in a league of its own. Maybe that’;s why they’;ve been a Dallas favorite for decades, lending their incredible energy and musical skill to major corporate clients, Dallas pro sports teams including the Cowboys and Mavs (heck, y’;all, they even played Mark Cuban’;s own wedding!!). Oh–and speaking of weddings…they’;ve played more than 4,000 of them, each as unique as the love story behind the nuptial celebration, and NOW they’;re set to take the Houston wedding scene by storm. Top 40? Check. Dance hits? Check. Hip-hop jams, jazzy grooves, Latin-tinged beats? Oh, yeah. And the vocals? We. Can’;t. Even. But don’;t take our word for it…check ’;em out live, in action, at link below. Then get on the horn (they’;ve got 3 in their blazing horn section), and talk to them about available dates; they do book fast!!

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