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DIY Brass Plant Mobile


If you’ve been searching for the perfect addition to your nursery, a corner of your home, or fun displays for your wedding, look no further — this DIY brass plant mobile is easily replicated, and quite the statement maker! We teamed up with Fiskars to show how exactly how to make your very own brass mobile, with a couple of variations if you’d like to switch it up some. Let’s jump right in!

DIY Brass Plant Mobile - free template and how-to

DIY Brass Plant Mobile - free template and how-to DIY Brass Plant Mobile - free template and how-to

For this project, you will need:

To make the Heart Leaf Philodendron plant:

To make the Chinese Money plant (Pilea Peperomioides):

DIY Brass Plant Mobile - free template and how-to


1. Download the template or use the circle punches on paper to make a template depending on which plant you will make. You can also use small jar caps that are 2.5″ in diameter for the Chinese Money plant.

2. Trace your templates on the brass sheets with a marker. Don’t worry if the marker is permanent, you will polish that off later. I recommend brass sheets not thinner than .004″ and not thicker than .008″.

3. Cut your brass shapes and punch a small hole close the to edge of each. Remove all markings with the help of brass polish. You need the holes to be close to the edge so it’s easier to loop a wire through it.

If you’re making the Chinese Money house plant, cut a slit half the diameter of each circle to form a cone.

DIY Brass Plant Mobile - free template and how-to DIY Brass Plant Mobile - free template and how-to

4. Straighten your craft wire 10-12″ inches at a time with your fingers and cut 3 pieces in 3″ lengths if you’re making the heart leaf plant. For the Chinese Money plant, cut a few pieces varying 2-3″ lengths.

5. For the heart leaf plant branches, cut 3 long pieces – one 12″, one 10″ and one 8″ long.

6. With the help of your looping plier, fold each long “branch” length in half, leaving a loop in the middle. Thread small leaves on the shortest stem and the bigger leaves through the longest stem. Make a loop on each end to secure each leaf in place.

7. To assemble the skeleton of your plant, thread one 3″ piece to the longest stem and make a loop to close it. The other end of this short piece will connect to the flower pot shape. Connect another 3″ piece to the top and work your way up the plant, forming the shape of a tree.

8. The Chinese Money plant has a more flexible design, so you can add different stem lengths to different height pieces! I used 2-3″ lengths for the height/middle stems and 3-6″ lengths for the “branches.”

DIY Brass Plant Mobile - free template and how-to

The secret sauce is in the shears — these Micro-Tip scissors allow you to cut tight corners and intricate details easily with no snags. The titanium blade coating is 3 times harder than steel and resists wear, scratches and corrosion, so it’s perfect to cut brass and copper sheets and if you’re left handed like me, you will appreciate knowing it was designed for us too!

DIY Brass Plant Mobile - free template and how-to DIY Brass Plant Mobile - free template and how-to

For more information on Fiskars crafting products, including their DIY essential Orange-handled Scissors (which will be celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year!) check out their website or follow Fiskars on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!

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