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Claudette here! With almost 3 months to go until we say “I do”, and us almost being in the peak of wedding party season, I thought I would share how I asked my special friends to be my bridesmaids.

It’s true when they say as you get older you create a smaller, more curated group of people close to you, rather than the hundreds of friends you though you had when you were 13. This became very evident once we had moved to Canada. Everyone at our leaving party made sure to tell us they would keep in touch and come and see us when were settled, but most were empty promises. That being said, it was very easy to choose who I wanted to stand up with me when I say my vows.

I have an older sister, who graciously declined the Maid of Honour title but agreed to be a bridesmaid/ sister of the bride. A good friend who I met at school 14 years ago. She is my ivory to my ebony and Maid of Honour, and another friend who I went to school with but became closer about 10 years ago. She is one of those friends who you don’t speak to for a long period of time but when you do its like an episode of the O.C.

So how do you ask your friends to be your bridesmaids? Some people do a surprise brunch or dinner and ask them then, some people write it in a card and some just ask. We were travelling bak to the UK to do wedding related things so I decided to create a small box and hand deliver them to my girls in person.

Bridesmaid box | Burnett's Boards

This is the outside of my boxes. Melissa from Rare Curiosities  hand lettered the girls names on the craft boxes I found.

Be my bridesmaid box | Burnett's Boards

Here are the goodies I included. Cute!! I lined the base of the boxes with a pink paper and the lids with a gold sparkle. I added some salt water taffy and paper flowers for decoration.

Each of the girls received:

An initial necklace from Brin and Bell

Gold sparkle nail polish from Urban Outfitters

Beautifully packaged soap from Anthropologie

Gold foiled card from Laura Hooper Calligraphy

An information booklet made by Carmela from The Social Page

Bridesmaid info booklet Bridesmaids info booklet soap Initial necklaces Be my bridesmaid card

I had so much fun making these boxes and the one piece of advice I would give would be mindful of your  box and gift sizes. I had an idea of what I wanted to get as gifts but they wouldn’t fit inside the box I had to compromise a bit. Inside our little information booklet we included important dates and times and listed everyone else who was in the bridal party and their contact information incase they weren’t familiar with it.

I love making a fuss of people and my bridesmaids loved the gesture. Its a nice way to show your appreciation and also get everyone excited about your big day!

vacations (are important!)

ku’;u lei: a stylized shoot in hawaii

we’;re moving!

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  1. Demi

    September 23, 2018 at 12:18 pm

    Hi love these boxes could I ask where you purchased these from ? Thanks

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