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Birdcage Veils for Chic Brides


Birdcage Veils for Chic Brides.

If you’re shopping for a sophisticated alternative to the traditional veil, a birdcage veil is a chic choice. Featuring a little bit of quirk and sass, birdcage veils are small headpieces with vintage qualities. They come in a variety of styles and shapes to suit just the look you’re after.

This is a traditional birdcage veil with a small swath of netting near the bride’s face. A small comb keeps it in place in her long, flowing tresses.

birdcage veils

via Stacy Bauer Photography

This is a charming birdcage veil that shows off the bride’s colorful style, too. Placed near the back in the bride’s low updo, the veil has a larger piece of netting that comes up and around towards her face. She pairs it with colorful statement earrings for a fun accessory.

birdcage veils

via Trent Bailey Studio

This golden birdcage veil is ethereal, indeed. It features a golden embellished headpiece to keep it secure and a small piece of elegant gold netting on the front that is nothing short of exquisite.

birdcage veils

via Brklyn View Photography

A birdcage veil doesn’t always have to include netting, either. This bride has a lovely birdcage veil with a piece of soft tulle that looks classic and elegant with her stunning beaded gown.

birdcage veils

via Love & Light Photographs

This birdcage veil is unique in that it doesn’t sit near the bride’s face but rather rests atop her low updo. The classic netting looks utterly timeless and the short veil is the right choice to show off this gown.

birdcage veils

via Judy Pak

A modern interpretation of the birdcage veil features a large fabric flower, delicate feathers, and netting that gently covers the bride’s eyes.

birdcage veils

via Jen Huang Photography

Speaking of feathers, this birdcage veil uses large white feathers on the comb and incorporates a long piece of netting adjacent to the bride’s face.

birdcage veils

via Vasia Photography

This headpiece is all together unique with its textured floral appliques, pearl beading, and ripples of netting. It’s perfect for echoing bridal style in an understated way.

birdcage veils

via City Love Photography

Birdcage veils were at the height of bridal style decades ago and now, they’re better than ever. If you’re on the fence about what to wear in your hair on that special day, try a birdcage veil. You can’t go wrong with its timeless, chic and simple beauty.

Birdcage Veils for Chic Brides.

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