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Ballet Wedding Anniversary


Ballet Wedding Anniversary.

As part of the Jeremy Chou workshop, a real-life ballet couple come together for an artistic and graceful styled shoot that blurs the lines between choreography and passion. From a bare-bones room to the Washington Cathedral, this shoot shows that no matter the size or scale, a true love story can fill any space with its magic and energy.

The shoot kicks off with hand-drawn sketches of ballerinas, a tell-tale detail that sets the scene.

Ballet Wedding Anniversary

A pair of pointe shoes, along with a stunning bauble and small florals, bring light and airy accents into the fold.

Ballet Wedding Anniversary

The bride’s bouquet is a striking but romantic combination of both blush and burgundy blooms, set against the backdrop of a variety of greenery. It’s the blush and green tones that make a statement throughout the rest of the shoot, as well.

Ballet Wedding Anniversary

The couple, dressed in casual dancewear, look as if they’re beginning a private performance in the bright, white-washed space.

Ballet Wedding Anniversary Ballet Wedding Anniversary

For every move she makes, he’s there to support her. And as she peers into his eyes, their connection is palpable.

Ballet Wedding Anniversary

They pause and take a seat, ever as graceful as they can be. The candlelight emits a gentle glow and the flowers provide a delicious aroma that imbues the couple’s room.

Ballet Wedding Anniversary Ballet Wedding Anniversary Ballet Wedding Anniversary Ballet Wedding Anniversary Ballet Wedding Anniversary

The romantic ambiance translates outside, where the couple wanders on the lawn in front of the impressive Washington Cathedral.

She now dons a blush maxi dress while he looks sharp in simple black pants and a white button down shirt.

Ballet Wedding Anniversary

They walk hand-in-hand, enchanted with the person by their side, soaked in the early evening sunlight. The Gothic Revival and Tudor Revival architecture provides a backdrop that is ethereal and timeless, much like the style of ballet.

Ballet Wedding Anniversary Ballet Wedding Anniversary Ballet Wedding Anniversary

Ballet can serve as a great source of inspiration for weddings. But you don’t have to have the footwork or training to evoke such gracefulness. It’s the romance of ballet that speaks to you, resonates in your soul and makes you appreciate the love you’ve found. Embrace that and you’ll be dancing the rest of your life.

Photography: Holly Von Lanken Photography

Workshop: Jeremy Chou Photography
Creative Direction: East Made Event Company
Florist: Blossom + Vine
Ballet Sketches: Julie Ha Calligraphy
Hair & Makeup: Georgetown Bride
Long Dress: Twobirds from BHLDN
Ring: Susie Saltzman
Models: Valerie and Kirk Tellman
Rug: White Glove Rentals
Ribbon: Frou Frou Chic
Styling Surface: Simply Rooted
Venue: National Cathedral School

Ballet Wedding Anniversary

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