a dress for every wedding occasion from BHLDN | Wedding


a dress for every wedding occasion from BHLDN


For those of you that are recently engaged, you may not know that your wedding dress isn’t the only important dress of your wedding planning experience. It may be the most important, but as you will quickly realize there are lots of other events that will require you to be the guest of honour, and looking your best.

With my own wedding sneaking up quickly on me, I have purchased ‘the dress’ but am now beginning to think about its co-workers if you must. They need to work as a team and in harmony with your ‘dress dress’ but not overshadow or throw a curve ball in your wedding outfit story. BHLDN has been a life saver in some cases, and a distraction in others. You can be on that site for hours, speaking from experience!

To help you on your way i have compiled my favourite looks for all your pre and post wedding festivities.


If you are as type A as me, and would consider your outfit when you eventually get engaged, yes i dropped many a hint about what i wanted to wear as it was to be the biggest day of our lives, pre wedding, and potentially immortalized in film! You can see what I wore here!

BHLDN on Burnett's Boards | wedding occasion outfits The Edie dress is the perfect, fun-care free-I’m-not-expecting-anything-but-if-i-was-I’m-looking-fabulous dress. I love the light blush colour and the gold embellishment is just the right amount of glitz. You can dress it up or down with a simple belt or a statement pair of heels and clutch.

Engagement Party

Because the my family are back in the UK we didn’t have an engagement party as such. But if we did, i would have totally rocked this dress!

BHLDN on Burnett's Boards | wedding occasion outfits The cute capped sleeves and the subtle lace pattern are to die for. Now that you are a bride to be, wearing white or off white is maybe one of the few times you can get away with it and I’m totally taking advantage of it. If your engagement party is a cocktail type or a sit down dinner, the Mercier dress can put in work for both.

Bachelorette Party

I’m not a big drinker, because if you add alcohol to my already Beyonce-esk dance skills, there is going to be trouble! But think about this. Your friends get you on a night out and you have had to many juice boxes, no one whats to see your knickers on Instagram.

BHLDN on Burnett's Boards | wedding occasion outfits The Mara Jumpsuit can allow you to drop it like its hot while still looking like a million dollars! The halter neck is a cool twist which means you have killer opportunity for a Jennifer Lawrence long necklace in its open back. And it has pockets! Win win!

Bridal Shower

After recovering from your bachelorette, its time to tone it down a little. Bridal showers are elegant, sophisticated and have a different type of guest. I’m very lucky to be having 2 showers! One of the perks of living in a different country to your family.

BHLDN on Burnett's Boards | wedding occasion outfits

The Mariposa Coverup screams pretty. I love the overhanging floral lace detail and love that it is strapless. I’m considering an outside shower but as my wedding gown is strapless (spoiler alert!!) I’m trying very hard to not get tan lines. This dress knows what I’m talking about. It gets me.

Reception Dress

If you are considering changing dresses once the formal program is over, this is your girl!

BHLDN on Burnett's Boards | wedding occasion outfits The Grazia dress is something out of a dream! It’s so elegant and the beading will catch the light and stun all your guests. If you are planning a Gatsby themed wedding, you could 100% wear this as your wedding gown! The material looks so light and flowy that it will keep you cool as things heat up on the dance floor.


It’s the morning after the night before and now you’re a wife! We are having a breakfast the morning following our wedding and I’m planning on gliding down the staircase looking like i just woke up from a glorious sleep in a forest with squirrels and blue birds wishing me good morning, but let’s be real here. This dress will definitely distract from my top knot and sunglasses!

BHLDN on Burnett's Boards | wedding occasion outfitsThe Anouska dress is stunning. I love its round neckline and again pretty detailing. It would work well with flats if your feet are struggling from your wedding heels and is still very bridal and elegant, even if you don’t feel it.


A pat on the back for all your hard work and a chance to spend time with your loved one, away from everyone and everything.

BHLDN on Burnett's Boards | wedding occasion outfits This Lani Maxi dress made me think of the beach. The pattern almost looks chroched. I love the scalloped bottom and the slit up the back makes it perfect for walking on the sand at sunset with a cocktail in hand.

Hop online and see what other treats BHLDN has to offer.

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