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3 Reasons Why You Should Rent Furniture for your Newlywed Home


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CORT for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Let’s talk about that newlywed pad for a moment, shall we?  Or more specifically, let’s talk about furnishing that first place together. With all the wedding planning tasks –  the engagement party, the rehearsal dinner, the wedding ceremony, the reception, the outfits and the honeymoon – couples usually forget about all the fabulous things you guys need to start your lives together. We usually relied on wedding registries to get all those beautiful essentials. But let’s face it…a wedding registry can only takes you so far. That is when CORT Furniture Rental comes in. From particular furniture pieces and room packages to appliances and houseware, CORT helps you to get everything you need for your newlywed nest.

With entire rooms starting at less than $ 200 per month and the option to make your place move-in-ready with a few clicks, CORT Furniture Rental is  a convenient and time-saving resource for newlywed couples. So, here are 3 reason why you should rent furniture for your new place:

1. Finding Your Style Together

After the wedding, when my hubby and I move in together we had totally different decorative styles. Buying furniture or even a lamp together wasn’t easy. Finding that blended style that feel comfortable for both of us took a couple of years and a couple of furniture pieces giving away. I wish I knew back then about the furniture rental option. Had we been renting furniture, we would have been able to change up our décor relatively easily, and we would have been able to play around with styles and colors without the permanent cost of buying things. Reason why I think renting furniture is the way to go for newlywed couples. CORT delivers you furniture on-demand: there when you need it, gone when you no longer need it. There is simply not a better way to find your style together!

2. Pretty Place, Happy Life

When the hubby and I bought our first house (11 years later and we’re still here), we had pretty much nothing — a couple of couches, a table, a bedroom set and a TV. Yep, our apartment furniture didn’t even begin to fill up our new house. The wedding and home buying situation had left us in a tough financial position and buying furniture wasn’t on the budget the first year of marriage. I remember how we’d avoided inviting people over and we couldn’t really enjoy our new space. I know about so many couples that faced the same issues when they got their first place. The perfect solution? CORT move-in-ready packages. With a few simple clicks you can get furniture for every room in your new home and start enjoying the place right away.

3. Financially Convenient

Like I mentioned earlier, finding that “couples’ style” may take a few months or even a couple of years. Purchasing furniture and other household items when you don’t have a decorative direction established may not be the smartest decision. Bring into the mix the financial struggle the wedding may leave you with and you may find yourself on a position where renting furniture is not only a great option, but the perfect solution to save money while embellishing your newlywed pad in-style.

So now that you know how furniture rental could smooth out all the twists and turns along your new home decorative journey, trust CORT, the national industry leader in the furniture rental as your go to source for all your new household furnishing needs.

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