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13 DIY Wedding Photo Booth Backdrops That Are Fun And Affordable


13 affordable diy wedding photo booth backdrops cover


A photo booth is a must for every wedding, it’s some space where you and guests will take amazing photos to memorize this great day. As every space of your wedding venue, it should be properly decorated, and today I’d like to share the best wedding photo booth backdrops that you can find on the web and make yourself without having much crafting skill.

Heart DIY Wedding Photo Booth Backdrops

Hearts are the most popular symbol of love, so you can hang vertical garlands with colorful hearts or make a balloon heart on the wall – that’s super easy! One more idea that can seem a bit more difficult is a napkin heart installation attached to the chicken wire. Start by spray painting your 3 pieces of wood and your chicken wire. You will only need to paint one side since the backdrop is meant to lean against a wall. Next, lay down 2 of your long pieces of wood parallel to each other, then lay the 3rd over top, like you’re make the top of a square. Nail the top piece to the top of the other two pieces to create the brace for your backdrop. Place the napkin in your hand, and pull up the center of the napkin to make a point. Start by setting the parameters of your heart.  Place a napkin where the bottom point of the heart will be and also one where the middle point of the heart will be. Then place 2 napkins at the farthest point of each of the rounds of the heart will be.

Floral DIY Wedding Photo Booth Backdrops

Flowers and greenery are one more traditional idea for any wedding, they are used for overall décor and you can also use them for your photo booth. If it’s about fresh greenery, secure the greenery on your backdrop with duct tape. Duct tape is pretty strong so you will only need a couple small pieces per each vine. Continue to build your shape around your focal point, making sure to keep the shape of your greenery asymmetrical. This will help mimic the feel of it growing wild in nature. If you want to make a backdrop of fresh flowers, choose those that can not wither longer or just take silk ones and attach them to the wall with washi tape to get a colorful and romantic photo booth backdrop.

Find more tutorials below and choose!

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DIY balloon and garland backdrop (via blog)

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