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Jane Fonda Joined the Mile High Club at 50 Years Old


Just getting better with age! Jane Fonda revealed some juicy secrets in a game of Never Have I Ever with Ellen DeGeneres on Thursday, May 14, dishing that some of her most scandalous moments took place when she was well into middle age. 

The iconic actress, 77, appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in promotion of her new Netflix series with Lily Tomlin, Grace and Frankie. When she wasn’;t discussing her latest venture, Fonda agreed to play the secret-spilling slumber party game.

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“It’;s called Never Have I Ever,” DeGeneres, 57, explained to her guest. “You have a paddle and I have a paddle. I’;m gonna read something and we’;re either gonna, you know, ‘I Have Never,’; or ‘I Have.’; It’;s just that easy.”

The Oscar winner (and daughter of screen legend Henry Fonda), who was married 3 times, then hinted at her exciting romantic life with the first question. She flipped her paddle to read, “I Have,” when DeGeneres said, “Never have I ever made out with someone half my age.”

Jane Fonda and Ellen DeGeneres play 'Never Have I Ever'.

Jane Fonda and Ellen DeGeneres play ‘Never Have I Ever’;.
Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

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Fonda took it even further with the subsequent questions. She confirmed that she has hooked up in the bathroom at a party, and when asked if she’;s a member of the Mile High Club, the star gave one priceless story. 

“I was 50 years old, it was my 4th date with Ted Turner, he has his own plane,” the Nine to 5 actress began, naming her third husband, who followed earlier marriages to Roger Vadim and Tom Hayden. “We get on the plane and he said, ‘Are you a member of the Mile High Club?’; I didn’;t know what he was talking about… and I joined.”

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Find out if Fonda has ever stolen something or been drunk before noon in the video above!

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