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Cinderella’s Swoon-Worthy Dresses from the Movie: All the Details From the Costume Designer!


It took a small far more than bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!

The dresses in Disney’;s reside-action Cinderella, in theaters Friday, March 13, are some of the dreamiest we’;ve ever seen—especially the princess-to-be’;s iconic ball gown, the target of each stunning poster, trailer, and, yes, adorable mug.

Photographs: See all of Cinderella’;s costumes!

Though the cornflower blue confection was the star of the Disney animated function, costume designer Sandy Powell was not convinced it ought to be the concentrate of the most current iteration. “I wasn’t offered any instruction by Disney on no matter whether or not I must l use it, spend homage to it, or discard it,” Powell solely advised Us Weekly. “I knew we had been generating a present day-day version—a new edition, a dwell-action version—so I determined to disregard it.”

Pictures: The ideal film princesses

Well, at initial, at least. But then, after attempting to mentally concoct a pink, white, and yellow version of the statement-making dress, the 3-time Oscar winner couldn’;t help but land back on the cartoon’;s signature cerulean hue. “It is really the prettiest color and genuinely flattering!” the designer gushed.


Credit score: Sandy Powell

Gorgeous—and giant! Cinderella’;s dress boasts many layers of tulle on the petticoat and no much less than 4 miles of thread. “It really is a clever building,” Powell unveiled to Us. “The complete factor is developed over a crinoline cage, which is quite lightweight and beautifully created, so that doesn’t in fact have that much excess weight to it at all. All the layers of material are light, also, but developed on best of every single other, which generates the volume.”

Images: Celebs dressed as Disney princesses

Lily James, who plays the fairy tale princess, was just as stunned. “[Lily] explained that she felt like she was living out every single tiny girl’;s dream. She stated that felt like the princess she always wished to be as a tiny girl,” explained Powell. “That was this kind of a excellent response to have.”

And for the record: While the footwear seen in the film are in fact developed via CGI, they are based mostly on Swarovski ones that Powell developed first. James couldn’;t walk in this kind of delicate creations, so she wore leather sneakers that were digitally magicked to seem like actual glass slippers in publish-manufacturing.

Lily James as Cinderella

Lily James as Cinderella
Credit score: Jonathan Olley

“I was quite aware of the reality that Disney would be recreating the sneakers for small women, and I considered there was no way that they would produce a large heel shoe,” Powell explained. “But if the shoe has a butterfly on best and it sparkles… Well, then, that is a Cinderella shoe.”

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To spot one of the actual ones, appear to Richard Madden (of Games of Thrones fame), who plays the Prince. In a classic move, as the clock strikes midnight, he picks up Cinderella’;s misplaced shoe on the measures of the castle.

For even a lot more particulars on the mesmerizing costumes of the film—including why green was the ideal decision for Cate Blanchett‘s evil stepmother—click via to see Powell’;s early sketches!

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