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Brief Pixie Haircuts for Ladies 2014 – 2015


The pixie is becoming more and more common as more women get their hair lower into this boyish-however-nonetheless-feminine-fashion. In truth, the pixie is so well-known. It can be wonderful, sexy, sophisticated or funky. Brief pixie haircuts for women are extremely common now and even though we may possibly have forgotten brief pixie haircuts for a few many years, it is time to get benefit of their unbelievable advantages once again! And it’s no wonder the pixie is so common in the brief haircut variations. It’s edgy, yet feminine. And the fantastic advantage of this wonderful new trend is that it fits all age groups and can be adjusted to flatter most face shapes, too! In this gallery, we will share Brief Pixie Haircuts for Women 2014 – 2015. You’ll locate out the strategies to every reduce and how to fashion them, plus understand what face shapes and hair textures can get away with a pixie.

one. Curly Pixie Minimize for Girls

Curl Pixie Cuts for Women


2. Jessica Chastain’s Caramel Pixie Haircut

Jessica Chastain Pixie Haircuts for Women

3. Classy Blonde Pixie Lower Style

Classy Blonde Pixie Cut

4. Jennifer Lawrence’s Lengthy Pixie Haircut

Jennifer Lawrence Pixie Cut 2014-2015

5. Malinda Williams Cute Spiked Pixie Hair

Malinda Williams Cute Hair

6. Brief Blonde Hair with Dark Roots and Lengthy Bangs

Bleach Short Blonde Hair with Dark Roots


7. Pretty Pixie Short Hairdo for Females

Pretty Pixie Short Haircuts for Women


7 Brief Haircut with Side Shaved for Curly Ladies

Side Shaved Short Cuts for Curly Women Hair 2014


9. The Greatest Prolonged Pixie Haircut for 2014-2015

Best Long Pixie Haircuts 2014-2015


8. Attractiveness Pixie Hair with Fringe for Women

Beauty Pixie Hair Women Trends 2014-2015


11. The Greatest Brief Pixie Haircut for Older Ladies

Best Short Fine Hair Cuts for Older Women


12. Ruby Rose’s Various Pixie Fashion

Ruby Rose Pixie Women Hair 2014-2015

13. Charming Straight Pixie Design for Thin Hair

Cutest Straight Fine Pixie Hair 2014-2015


14. Isabel Lucas’s Brief Blonde Hairstyle

Isabel Lucas Hairstyles 2014-2015

15. Zoe McLellan’s Straight Pixie Hairstyle

Zoe McLellan Women Pixie Hair

16. Rita Ora’s Blonde Pixie Hairstyle

Rita Ora Pixie Hairstyles 2014

17. Funky Short Pixie Hairstyle

Pixie Short Funky Hair with Side View


18. Asymmetrical Long Pixie Hair for Girls

Women Short Asymmetrical Long Pixie Hairstyles 2014-2015


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