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Brief Hair with Shade 2014 – 2015


If you have to remain in trend in 2015, you must do something different with your short hairs. The best thing which you can easily carry along with your haircut is hair color. Looking for hair color ideas? One of the best things about 2015 hair color trends is versatility. You have a wide choice of shades and color combos and you are free to choose. New hair color trends 2015 offer wide palette of super-hot and gorgeous colors and all you need to do is just to pick the best one for you. Now you have a chance to get brand new short haircuts for coming summer and appear on the beach party with breathtaking look. There is no need to stick to natural color; try to go beyond the borders and try something new. Here you’ll find the latest Short Hair with Color 2014 – 2015 that will leave you inspired and excited to change up your look!

1. Ginger Ombre Colored Short Hairstyle

Ginger Ombre Colored Short Hair


2. Blonde Short Hair with Ombre Colour

Blonde Short Hair Colour


3. Blonde Short Hair Colour

Blonde Short Hair Colours


4. Highligted Hair Color for Short Hair

Highligted Hair Color Short Hair


5. Cute Green Blue Short Haircut

Cute Green Blue Short Hair


6. Lovely Blonde Hair with Pink Bangs

Lovely Blonde Hair Pink Bangs


7. Syndicate Blue Short Hairstyle

Syndicate Blue Short Hair


8. Purple Natural Short Hair for Black Women

Black Purple Natural Short Hair


9. Peacock Hair Color on Short Haircut Style

Peacock Hair Color on Short Haircut


10. Best Chestnut Short Hair Color for Older Women

Best Chestnut Short Hair Color


11. Ashlee Simpson’;s Short Hair with Blonde Color

Ashlee Simpson Hair with Blonde Color

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