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Water Spotted Neon Nails – DIY Manicure


Neon colors are normally stylish in summer, but that is not a rule. Either you go on a funky celebration or just a night out in the club, you can still enjoy having neon nails all 12 months round with out becoming concerned you are out of trend. Due to the fact far more and much more women adore water spotted nails we imagined it is the perfect time to display you how to make some cute and funky water spotted neon nails which you can put on no matter the season. See the instructions and the video below!


What you will need:
– white nail polish (will do as a base coat and will support neon to search far more vibrant)
– black nail polish
– 4 distinct neon colored nail polishes (pink, green, yellow, mustard)
– leading coat
– plastic cup with some water in it
– some hairspray
– nail polish remover and q-guidelines to remove the excess from the skin about nails.

1. Apply a layer of white nail polish on all of your nails and let it dry.
2. Get the rest of the neon colours and apply them on every and every single nail in a pattern as you can see in the picture (you basically will have 4 distinct coloured squares).
3. Let the polish dry a minor bit, then commence dropping some black nail polish in the water (one-2 drops at once).
4. Speedily spray some hairspray above the polish then stick one particular finger into the water so the black will stick to the nail.
5. Repeat this procedure for each and every and each nail then eliminate the extra polish about the skin with the assist of some q-guidelines and nail polish remover.
6. Finish with a top coat which will give more shine to the manicure and will deliver out the colours even more.

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Source: cutepolish.

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