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New Summer time Nail Artwork Patterns & Nail Shade Trends 2014-2015


Summer is just about to arrive in Pakistan and individuals have commenced producing preparations for summer time season in advance. Every little thing starting from clothing to consuming need to be according to the demands of this season. Just like the craze of clothing, nail artwork is also getting to be a typical craze in ladies. The nail art of summer is much distinct from that of winter season. It is critical to maintain in mind the current season even though designing and decorating your nails. Here are pointed out the New Summer time Nail Artwork Styles & Nail Colour Trends 2014-2015  for young women all in excess of the world.

  • French Manicure

The most popular type of nail artwork style is the “French Manicure”. It is easy however elegant and makes your hands seem neat and beautiful a lot more than any other sort. To make a French manicure, initial a pink color base is applied which is followed by a white paint to the ends of nails. At the finish, transparent shiny nail paint is applied to completely cover the nail. This is the simplest and quickest way of decorating your nails. The application of nail paint issues a great deal in the attractiveness of your nails, so you must be mindful whilst applying them.

french manicure

French Manicure

  • Shooting Stars

“Shooting Stars” is the most trendy and latest design and style for summertime season in 2014. It is a special addition to the nail art world. The evening parties are most common in the globe, so they need to be complemented with nail manicure that is inspired by night sky. Hence, stars are added to nails. A dark colored paint, mainly black is applied and followed by addition of tiny stars to the nails. This tends to make a stunning galaxy pattern which is perfect for late night parties and occasions this kind of as New Year’s Eve.

shooting stars nail art

Shooting Stars

  • Red Sparkle

Another variety for summer time season is the “Red Sparkling” artwork. The name obviously signifies that it  sparkles in red shade. Red color is the hottest shade for summer season and most of the summer season dresses are of red shade. So, these dresses can be complemented with red sparkling nail art. Numerous patterns can be utilised to include sparkle. Covering nails entirely with red shimmer is most typical pattern. Nevertheless, red shimmer can also be added in the form of stripes in excess of the deep red shade paint.

red sparkling nail art

Red Sparkle

Nonetheless an additional type is the significant “Bling” nail artwork. For this kind of layout, numerous factors are to be used with each other in a mixed kind. This is also known as the “Studded” nail art as it makes use of some studs and beads. It combines nail paint with silver or gold rhinestones and glitter in a mixed pattern. Modest rhinestones of golden and silver colour are employed to entirely cover the nail. In the same way, glitter of gold and silver shade are also utilised to cover the nail. A light base colour can also be used before applying the stones and glitter.

bling nail art

Bling Artwork

  • Golden Dots

“Gold Dots” is the most funky and shiny variety of artwork in which a black shade paint is utilized as base color followed by the application of golden shade little dots.

golden dots nail art

Golden Dots

Stylish Summertime Nail Art Designs & Colours 2014-2015

See the gallery below and get surprised by this eye catching collection. Hope you will try it and discover it intriguing.

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