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16 Zig-Zag Nail Art Designs To Try This Spring


Hey my lovely ladies! I’m always here to inspire you and show you the latest fashion trends. You have already seen what is fashionable and trendy this spring, so start updating your wardrobe with some new pieces. All white is the hottest fashion trend and I really like it. What about you? Khaki, denim luxe and floral print  are also trends that we should definitely embrace this spring too.

If you were wondering what to wear to work, wedding or some other similar party, then visit our site Fashion Diva Design. We have million glamorour dresses made by the most famous designers to street style outfits worn by ordinary girls. Whatever you choose to wear, you should also consider polishing your nails and applying some makeup. Don’t forget to do your hair too, because you won’t look nice with a stunning gown and a messy hair!

For today I have a wonderful collection of 16 Zig-Zag Nail Art Designs To Try This Spring. I have selected the most beautiful zig-zag nails and I’m 100% that you will like them too. Are you excited?

Check them out and pick your next nail art design. Enjoy and have fun!


image via itsallaboutthepolish.blogspot.com


image via itsallaboutthepolish.blogspot.com


image via itsallaboutthepolish.blogspot.com.au


image via itsallaboutthepolish.blogspot.com.au


image via www.nailpolis.com


image via paulinaspassions.com


image via thenailpolishproject.com


image via ink361.com

You can choose 2 colors or you can experiment with 3 or more colors. You can choose some fresh colors like mint, coral or pink for this season. If you were searching for a more sophisticated nail art that will fit perfectly to your stunning gown, then you should try the zig-zag nail art with black white and red colors. I really like this nail design and I think that this is the most elegant and sophisticated nail design that will go great with every night wear.


image via ink361.com


image via ink361.com


image via ink361.com


image via ink361.com


image via ink361.com


image via websta.me

IMG_4657 copy

image via www.thenailpolishchallenge.com


image via www.lucysstash.com


image via www.thenailasaurus.com

I hope that you have found these nail art designs interesting and fun and you will polish your nails with zig-zag.If you have some other suggestions, ideas or something that you want to be shown here, please feel free to write me a comment below. I would love to see all of your ideas. Thank you for reading! Enjoy in the rest of your day and stay up to date with the contents of our site.

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