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10 Bad Nail Habits That Lead to Fragile Nails


Caring for your nails properly, you will skip numerous problems, from nail discoloration to fragility. That is why, it’s essential to stay away from several bad nail habits, mostly in case you always apply nail polish or use acrylics.

Discover the bad nail habits that lead to nail fragility and brittleness, and skipping them, make your nails look healthy. From avoiding essential tricks when applying polish to being too rough when filing your nails or get rid of false nails and mani, consider the habits, which can be dangerous for your nails.

Bad Nail Habits That Lead to Fragile Nails

1.  Avoiding the Base Coat

Even in case of applying a soft polish tone, the base coat is very crucial for the final result. Besides having a protecting feature against nail discoloration, it aids the mani stick to the nails. When avoiding them, you are in the risk of nail discoloration and there will be noticed fragility of nails.   

2.  Avoiding Nail Cleaning Before Applying Polish

In case you apply mani on your nails after using a moisturizing product on your hands, you will go for one of the bad nail habits that will lead to fragile nails. It will also influence on the time your polish gets a faultless look, as all the moisturizing products will be a barrier for your mani and nails. Apply remover to get rid of the oil of your nails before covering them with mani.  

3.  Avoiding the Top Coat

Ignoring the top coat is another bad habit, causing damage not only to your polish but to your nails, as well. The perfect top coat elongates the mani life and has a nail protecting quality. After applying the top coat, make the brush go over the nail edge, which is free to make it become stronger and diminish the risk of fragility.

4.  Cutting Cuticles

Cutting cuticles may be a dangerous nail habit that may lead to infection. Instead of cutting them, go for pushing back, using a special tool with a blunt edge. You should also avoid picking by the nail skin. Apply cuticle oil for massaging, and skip biting your nails.     

5.  Too Much Buffing or Filing

In case the nail file acts as a saw, it will cause harm to your nails. The same refers to buffing, as it may also be harmful for the nails. Be gentle with both of them and carry it out in the same direction instead of going back and forward. Extremely harsh filing, may lead to nail breaking, and buffing will weaken your nails. You had better be very cautious when filing or buffing, otherwise, you will face nail fragility and splitting.

6.  Applying Quick Drying Products

When you are in a rush, you are more likely to make a bad nail habit, as you may be seduced to apply nail polishes and go for sprays, which have a quick drying feature. These products will diminish the drying process but because of being high in acetone, they will lead to peeling and cracking. Opt for cuticle oil to keep your nails protected when drying.

7.  Picking off Your Mani

When noticing a nail polish chip, you may be prone to picking it off completely. It may be harmful and unhealthy for the top layer, so you are advised to apply nail polish remover to skip having fragile nails.  

8.  Being in a Rush when Removing Acrylics

You will skip another bad nail habit in case you don’t hurry in the removing process of your acrylic nails. Before applying your polish remover, go for nail soaking. Economizing your time may lead to damaged and fragile nails.    

9.  Skip Hot Water

Be cautious with water temperature, as it will boost the risk of nail polish spoiling, which may give rise to picking and applying acetone-rich products for the problem fixing.

10.  Nail Biting

The last nail habit, which is evidently bad and harmful for your nails, is biting. If you are prone to it, you won’t have gorgeous and pretty nails. Instead, go for a perfect nail art design and you won’t be tempted to bite them.

In case you want to stay away from nail fragility and desire to keep them healthy, stop carrying out these bad nail habits.

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