Nearly 50 Shades of Grey… or The Best Makeup Suggestions with Grey | Makeup


Nearly 50 Shades of Grey… or The Best Makeup Suggestions with Grey


Almost 50 Shades of Grey… or The Best Makeup Ideas with Grey


Makeup Ideas with Grey

It doesn’t matter whether you are one of those maniacal freaks about 50 Shades of Grey movie, or you are standing on the other side and criticize its crucial message. The grey nuance in makeup is ideal for base, for an accent and even for a main colour of the entire beauty conception. Probably, you agree with this and you are already keen to see the best and the most original ideas or makeup conceptions with grey. Well, check them out, because they are indeed numerous and they can fit different occasions and personal preferences!

1. Grey – All in!

Makeup Ideas with Grey

There are various options for you to put some grey shades on your eyes. And this makeup idea is suitable for both – the office dress code, and even a more formal event like a cocktail or birthday party. You can rely on the popular smokey makeup with grey only, or you can choose something more glamorous like silver grey or grey with glitter. Another cool idea is to use several shades of grey and make your look totally fantastic, obsessive and attractive. Use makeup base to let your makeup idea stand for longer!

2. Grey with Girlish Nuances

Makeup Ideas with Grey

The grey + girlish colour for your eyes is one of those perfect formulas for balancing the nuances in your makeup. Thus, the grey is usually the base, while the girlish colour is the main accent. As to these colours, we mostly mean pink and purple, but you can also improvise and try with peach or fuchsia. Cyclamen and dark purple are also pretty cool for combos with grey, but wear them with curved or fake eyelashes. These ideas are more suitable for evening makeup, though!

3. Grey and Earthy Tones

Makeup Ideas with Grey

Earthy tones like brown, beige, khaki, light orange and some shades of green perfectly match the grey smokey makeup. Here, though, you need to be quite attentive with the selection of the rest nuances for your makeup. Since the eyes will be more ordinary and neutral, you will have to put the accent with some really bright and screaming lipstick – red, dark pink and even purple are superb for this case. Another idea is to have contrasting enough rouge with glitter on your cheeks or an ideal porcelain-like complexion with proper and luxurious foundation.

4. Grey with Bright Shades

Makeup Ideas with Grey

Bright shades like Turkish blue, turquoise, orange, Reseda green, yellow and even red (vanguard idea, but cool one for parties, carnivals and more festive events) will make the highlights of your overall appearance. Even though too eccentric, such an idea can fit women with dark complexions or young ladies with more original appearance. Be careful and make sure not to add to many colours to our clothing outfit in order to keep the balance at a high quality level.

So, what is your favourite makeup shade of grey?

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