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Makeup And Facial Skin Treatment During Pregnancy


facial skin treatment during pregnancy

Dear, future young mummies, I know you are a little bit scared that your body has been changing and everything you used to wear just does not look the same way now, but do not worry. These things are completely normal. Pregnancy brings many changes in your body to hormone shakes, but this does not mean you will never be beautiful again. On the contrary – medical and beauty experts claim that during her pregnancy a woman actually becomes more attractive and glowing than ever. The thing is that you need to follow some rules and tips for makeup and facial skin treatment during pregnancy. Check out them now!

1. Avoid bad ingredients and toxic beauty products

facial skin treatment during pregnancy

It is not only due to the fact that these ingredients appear faster on your face than when you used to be a young lady, but also due to the reason that they harm your baby. Better go for some more natural remedies as to improve your facial skin and try to avoid those makeup items that are visibly harmful.

2. On the contrary wear sunscreen

facial skin treatment during pregnancy

These types of products are must always, but during your pregnancy your hormones become too sensitive and sunlight burns are quite possible. Moreover – there is a big possibility for your skin to get too dehydrated, while you are carrying your baby and sunscreen will protect from that badly dried facial skin.

3. Find better foundation

facial skin treatment during pregnancy

There is also a chance for your current foundation not to work right now the way it used, too. This is also due to pregnancy, but there is no need to worry. Just go for a foundation for sensitive skin or find something more nourishing and faultless to apply directly on your face!

4. Never forget about the lipstick

facial skin treatment during pregnancy

Lips get dry and not fine at all. Lipstick is what will help you, but have in mind that in case you used to wear some more natural or light nuances, it is now time for you try more vibrant shades like extra dark plump or even red.

5. Consider BB and CC creams

facial skin treatment during pregnancy

Instead of applying too much powder that might block your pores, better consider BB and CC creams. These products are ideal for pregnancy, because they restore the smooth complexion, fight pimps that are quite possible during this period and make a fantastic radiant skin of yours!

6. Highlight your best features

facial skin treatment during pregnancy

If something was the best feature of your face before, now it is even more visible! So highlight it on the contrary – whether the eyes, the lips or your amazing cheeks!

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