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It`s All About The Fruity Lips…Lipstick Tips To Know On Mandatory


Lipstick My Makeup Ideas

What is the most important of your face during the makeup procedure? Girls, who have not guessed of the lips, pull yourself together and begin putting more accents on them! While girls, who have thought of the lips, well, you must consider the following tips, because they will definitely help you to make your look even more amazing! It`s all about the lips…Do not ever forget that and do not hesitate to use the following lipstick tips on mandatory!

1. Good preliminary cares are essential!

Lipstick My Makeup Ideas

No matter how expensive your lipstick is, it will never look awesome on your cracked lips. You should always put some balm on your lips – even when you are at home or go out with a casual appearance and no makeup. The proper treatment of lips give them the juicy look you have always wanted, so start treating them finely. By the way, ordinary Vaseline or a homemade balm with essential oils is always a good idea, too!

2. Know your lips` line…

Lipstick My Makeup Ideas

Even if you want Angelina Jolie’s lips, deal with your own appearance and start thinking of your own lips, but not on someone else`s. When you start understanding and seeing the natural shape and lines of your lips, you will begin treating them finely and choosing the best lipstick techniques ever. Remember – makeup does not turn you into a different person, but only puts an accent – a beautifying one – on your current appearance! Of course, adding some pencil at the edges of your lips will make them much plumper and will highlight the lipstick!

3. The right lipstick application is the right lips makeup!

Lipstick My Makeup Ideas

Do not press to harsh with the lipstick, but simply blot. Blur the lipstick by moving your lips and always apply a second layer. This will help the lipstick last for longer. Besides, the real colour of your lipstick is the one from the second layer, but not from the first time. The lip`s tissue absorbs the cream too fast, so some of the lipstick shades will appear with the extra second application.

4. Your lips are part of your face! So does the lipstick!

Lipstick My Makeup Ideas

What we mean is that you need to adjust the nuance of your lipstick to your facial skin, as well as to your eye shade. Some girls, unfortunately, are just not made to wear pink. But do not worry – every woman looks just amazing in a classy red! Also, pale girls should avoid the brown nuances, but rely on the natural ones, as well as on the cherry and peach lipsticks.

5. Shimmering is not for every day….

Lipstick My Makeup Ideas

Seductive lips can be highlighted with a pencil, some powder beyond the lipstick or a very cool lipstick shade. As to the shimmering, forget about it as a main accent to your lips makeup. It is ok for nights out, but it is definitely not the best choice for work!

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