How Come My Makeup Never Last As Long As My Best Friend`s Does? | Makeup


How Come My Makeup Never Last As Long As My Best Friend`s Does?



Have you ever wondered why you spend twice more time in front of the mirror than your best friend and still her makeup always lasts for longer than yours? Don`t you think that there might be a logical explanation of this and aren`t you curious to know the big secret your so called friend has not told you yet, even though, she is listed as your soul mate in your friends list? Well, we are friendly and helpful enough to give you the hints and tricks you need to know in order to make your makeup – whether everyday or for the evening – last as long as you want it to! Simply, follow these rules and practices….

1. Apply the facial beauty products in the right succession


Always begin your makeup procedure with a deep cleansing approach. Exfoliate your skin with a decent product, so all the dead cells will be removed by themselves, but not alongside with your foundation, while you are at work. The concealer goes always first, because it has a healing and covering function, while the powder and the foundation – matting, beautifying and fixing one!

2. Use the right products


Choosing long-lasting products is much better and guess what – much cheaper – than wearing ordinary mascara that will split all over your face, when you hear some good news from your boss for your promotion or when your mum calls you to tell you your sister got birth! Also, have in mind that the more you put on the ordinary products with no resistance to water and wind, the more you will waste it and eventually you will spend more money on getting new ones each month!

3. Your lips need some primer, too!


It is not on mandatory to cover the lips with your facial primer, but at least, you can put some lip balm and powder in advance. Let the lips absorb these products and then put on your favourite lipstick. And if you think that your friend does not “eat” her lipstick during lunch, too, you are wrong. She simply carries her lipstick in her bag and in any convenient moment, she freshens up her lips secretly!

4. Do not apply beauty products with hands!


Well, first of all such an approach will destroy your clothes and second of all, you will waste most of your beauty products by letting them get stuck to your skin, where there are receptors, which are dying to swallow them up. Also, why using fingers, when there are so many awesome and helpful beauty tools like brushes?

5. Apply the right amount of makeup


It is certain that if you put too much eye shadows on your eyelids, eventually most of the powder pieces will go down and get wasted. Estimate the right amount of the makeup product and apply it without exceeding or reducing it!

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