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Fast Tricks to Remove Your Black Dots


black dots

Many men and women suffer with different imperfections on their skin ranging from skin tags to black dots. At times some of these skin difficulties aren’t a result of lifestyle choices, but instead are because of genetics. If you’re dealing with black dots or dark spots on your face, it could be simple to remedy them at home or you can see professional consultation from a dermatologist.

Lemon Juice and Chamomile

black dots

Lemon juice is famous for its lightening effects, particularly with your skin and your hair. Dark spots have no chance when you apply lemon juice directly to your skin. It is important to note that since it is an astringent with bleaching properties, it can also cause drying and redness if applied regularly, especially if you have sensitive skin. This is why it is advised that you use chamomile as well to help get rid of any redness and to soothe the skin from the lemon juice. You can brew chamomile tea and add lemon juice to it. Use cotton balls to apply the solution to the dark spots to watch them fade relatively quickly.


black dots

There is a high probability that if your black dots aren’t a result of genetics, that it’s just dirt stuck in your pores or dead skin that has yet to be removed from your face or your body. Exfoliation is not only great for getting rid of darker areas of skin, but it can also help to promote the growth of healthy skin so that your face looks fresh and dewy throughout the year. You can find exfoliating face washes from your local beauty store or you can make your own at home using various ingredients including coffee beans and sugar. You should only exfoliate once a week at most to give your skin time to heal after shedding a few layers.


black dots

Black dots are also a notorious symptom of staying in the sun too long, especially if you have a job where you’re constantly exposed to the elements. To help prevent the development of new spots, make sure that you wear sunscreen at all times. This is not only an aesthetic tip but it is also essential for your health as it protects your body from the harmful UV rays that are responsible for the development of cancer. You can find specialty sunscreens for your face and your body from any big box store in your area.

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