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Eye Makeup Mistakes To Avoid On Mandatory


Eye Makeup Mistakes To Avoid On Mandatory


Eye Makeup Mistakes

Shakespeare has already said it – eyes are the windows to person`s soul. Let us tell it in other words – eyes are the accents in woman`s makeup. Here is where you need to put into force all of your magical makeup skills into this step of your overall appearance maintenance. However, there are a certain percentage of women that keep making the same makeup mistakes over and over again, which eventually ruins not only their beautiful eye looks, but also their entire appearance. So here are the most common eye makeup mistakes to avoid on mandatory! In case you do any of them, simply, please stop….!

1. The blush is for the cheeks, not for the eyes

Eye Makeup Mistakes

There are modern universal brushes with specific hairs, which, indeed can suit your eye makeup task, but the traditional large brushes are simply invented for your cheeks! Start using the set of your eye makeup tools and do not spread all of your eye shadows all over your face, because the tiny colourful pieces (especially if you prefer the bright eye shadows like green and purple) will go on your nose, cheeks and etc.

2. Liquid foundation is not the base for the eye makeup!

Eye Makeup Mistakes

No and no! It is not and it has never been. Yes, applying the foundation all over your face is a must, but putting the eye shadows directly on the liquid foundation is a very huge eye makeup mistakes. Better buy yourself some primer or if you do not have such, replace it with ordinary powder by putting it on the layer of the liquid foundation.

3. Too bright eye makeup is not that attractive as you think!

Eye Makeup Mistakes

It is hilarious and funny, but not attractive or sexy! Try some neutral shades and you will see the difference. Besides, extra purple eye shadows or that pink shimmering eye liner is not ideal for any occasion and no matter how much you like it, keep it for Halloween or at least for a party….

4. Be careful with the black!

Eye Makeup Mistakes

Black eyeliner and black eye shadows are made for putting accents in your look, but not for drawing your eyelids with extra black. This is how a gothic lady looks like and if you are not such, better be more careful with the black shades on your eyes. Mascara is even sometimes completely enough for that mandatory black accent on your eye makeup.

5. Not to have any eye makeup….

Eye Makeup Mistakes

Last, but not least, thinking that you are ok without makeup is a sense of a confidence, but the truth is that only few ladies can afford to look in such a way every day. On the other side, having foundation and lipstick on your face without even a slight sense of mascara will make your makeup incomplete and your appearance – terrible!

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