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5 Makeup Tricks That Make Brown Eyes Search Special



Brown eyes are the most well-known and this makes them significantly less unique. But this does not suggest you can’t change that. As you know, you can rather significantly do something with makeup. So here are 5 makeup tips and tricks that will make your brown eyes pop.

Brown is a warm, earthy shade so if you want to make it pop you have to pair it with a cold shade this kind of as blue or even purple. Combine two or even 3 distinct shades to get a dramatic appear in your eyes. And do not forget the mascara.

There’s also the opposite alternative, to use golden or brown eyeshadow. This way you’ll make your eyes seem refined and glamorous and you can still make them pop using eyeliner.

Yet another way to make the brown in your eyes pop is by utilizing lighter eyeshadow colour this kind of as yellow or pink. They’ create a light backdrop for the brown and this way your eyes will seem lovely.

Apply light blue eyeshadow just sufficient to frame your eyes and to develop a powerful contrast with the brown and combine the blue with a warmer color this kind of as beige, brown or orange.

Then there’s also the smokey cat eye makeup which can rather much make any colour look awesome and attractive. Use dark eyeshadow such as purple mixed with black or grey and emphasis only on your eyes,, leaving the lips neutral.

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