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Who’s The New Woman?


Whos the new girl

Well, hello there my darling Dirtylookers!
My name is Dani and I’m the new Beauty Blogger Intern for Dirty Looks 🙂

You’re possibly wondering who I am and why I’m here, appropriate? Enable me to introduce myself, tell you a tad about what I do and what I’m going to bring to the site for you guys.

I’m an 18 12 months outdated makeup enthusiast who is a company believer of online tutorials and blogging! I believe it is fair to say that I’m slightly obsessed with the world of blogging – particularly the elegance side. So, what greater to way to express my passion than to share it right here with you wonderful folks!

What can you anticipate from me, you inquire? I’m going to be bringing you weekly phase-by-phase hairstyles and makeup tutorials… Or maybe each at as soon as if I’m feeling further generous! )

I’d undoubtedly say that my style is very basic girly chic, but I do really like to dabble with elements of grunge and rock n roll. I’m going to be trying to keep it basic the majority of the time, but I do like to throw in a handful of surprises here and there, so search out for them!

Without even more ado, I hope you’re all as excited for this new part of Dirty Appears as I am! I search forward to interacting with you guys and finding out what you believe and what you like. Depart me some remarks beneath or tweet me at @DTYLOOKS with requests for tutorials.

Speak soon,

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I'm Ross.I love writing about short hair ideas and other haircut trends. I hope you'll be inspired = )

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