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Which Ombre Hair Extensions are Right For You?


Which Ombre Hair Extensions are Right for you?Our ombre extensions have gone down a treat with all our gorgeous DLookers but some of you gals are confused about which shade you need. So, how do you know which ombre hair extensions are right for you? Keep reading!

Oh My Ombre Dirty Looks Hair Extensions

First up in our dip-dye trio is Oh My Ombre. This set boasts a dramatic look and changes noticeably in shade from top to bottom. These start as a dark brown at the top, through to a lighter brown in the mid-lengths and a light blonde at the ends so, if you’re wearing a classic ombre hairstyle like Zoella, go for Oh My Ombre. These are the ombre extensions for the original cool girls!

Bel Air Baby Dirty Looks Ombre Hair Extensions

Next up is Bel Air Baby! Yes ladies, that exclamation mark is definitely needed when talking about these beauties. If you want a gorgeous subtle ombre look, then Bel Air Baby! is the perfect choice for you. A subtle weaving of tones creates a ridiculously cool and on-trend s’ombre, balayage style look. This shade blends well with lots of different hair shades so if you’re not too sure which to pick between this and Oh My Ombre, go for Bel Air Baby.

Dirty Looks Ombre Hair Extensions

Not too sure if either of the ombre shades will match you? Why not try a DIY option? The HK Ombre Kit offers 4 shades which you then customise to match your own hair. You can view our full guide here. Perhaps more fiddly but absolutely worth it if neither pre-done ombre shade matches you. First up, we have Santa Monica Sunrise which is perfect for a bleached ends look like Drew Barrymore. Next is Blogger Blonde which is a softer hue like Lea Michele and lots of our favourite bloggers wear! Want a more subtle ombre effect? Lily Aldridge’s sunkissed locks match up perfectly to our New York Editorial offering. Finally, we have an ombre for the more adventurous among you, Cherry Cola Melt. This is a gorgeous choice for dark haired girls or for redheads who want to spice up their locks even more like Jesy from Little Mix.

We hope this post has helped you decide on which ombre hair extensions are right for you! If you have any more questions about the ombre shades (or anything for that matter!), drop our friendly team an email to info@dirtylooks.com and they will wave their magic wands over your tresses.

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