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What NOT to do with hair extensions


What NOT to Do with Hair Extensions

Are you treating your beloved hair extensions with all the enjoy and care they deserve? To make positive you are not guilty of committing any hair extension related sins, we believed we’d give you the lowdown on what NOT to do with hair extensions.

Okay so 1st and foremost, you should NOT bleach or lighten your hair extensions in any way. HK Hair and Bobby Glam hair extensions have presently been via a chemical bleaching approach, so it is not a excellent idea to make them endure any much more peroxide torment. Bleaching hair extensions will not only lead to unnecessary injury to the wefts but it will also lessen the lifespan of your extennies. So, in a nutshell, do not do it, gals!

Nonetheless if you are seeking to dye your extennies up to two shades darker, this is entirely fine. Be confident to refer to the care guide ahead of reaching for the hair dye, even though!

What NOT to Do with Hair Extensions

Up coming, if you strategy on washing your hair extensions it is absolutely not okay to brush them although they are moist. This will result in your extennies to tangle up even much more as nicely as snapping the hair strands or even worse, cause the wefts to shed prematurely. Rather, we advise to leave them be whilst they are wet and lay them out on a dry, clean towel overnight.  Then, when they are totally dry, grab your loop brush (the kindest brush to hair extensions) and commence gently brushing them from the ends up. Your extennies will thank you for this.

What NOT to Do with Hair Extensions

Another instance of what NOT to do with hair extensions is something we see very usually, clipping the extennies also shut to your hairline. This can make hair extensions quickly noticeable and not only that, but they can also really feel a tiny unpleasant and be prone to slipping out when they are clipped also shut. To stay away from this, be sure to attach your clip-ins approximately half an inch away from your scalp and two inches away from your hairline.

What NOT to Do with Hair Extensions What NOT to Do with Hair Extensions

Moving on, we’d like to give you a heads up and beg you not to cut your hair extensions yourself. This is a ma-jah no-no. Would you cut your very own hair your self? No!? Then why would you assault your beloved extennies with the scissors? Much more typically than not, issues will go incorrect and you’ll only finish up possessing to acquire a new set and waste all that beautiful hair you had in the first location. If you are wanting your hair extensions trimmed/styled to mix in with your very own hair then just consider these to your hair stylist and let them function their magic!

When it comes to utilizing heated styling equipment our guidance would be not to overdo it. It’s much far better to allow your extennies dry naturally when feasible, rather than blow drying them as it is considerably kinder to them. Hair extensions have a tendency to hold designs fairly effectively so there is no actual want for more than styling. When you are using heated styling equipment even though, Usually use a excellent heat protectant. We adore the Tigi S Element Flat Iron Heat Defender as it acts like a little army of protectors to defend your extennies from any dangerous heat damage.

What NOT to Do with Hair Extensions

Final but not least, in no way, ever, ever sleep in your clip-ins. We know, soon after a wild night out on the town it is the final factor on your mind, but you’ll thank us in the morning. Sleeping in your extennies is a truly negative habit, it can cause the hair extensions to grow to be matted while tugging on your natural hair also. It will take much less than two minutes to take them out plus you will get a better nights rest whilst prolonging the lifestyle of your beloved extennies, also! Winner.

So there you have it, the lowdown on what NOT to do with your hair extensions. Do you have any other sins that you’d like to confess?

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