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Top 9 South Indian Bridal Hairstyles


Indian hairstyles come in a lot of different styles and techniques each one more unique than the last one. India has a rich heritage with cultural indifferences that start off with the basic getup, hairstyles being a major part of it. An imminent part of Indian hairstyle comes from the authentic southern parts which can be termed south Indian hairstyles. Usually these would be a lot extravagant using a lot of garland pieces or flowers as decorative accessories. Usually these would be long and often tangled into a beautiful braid or rolled up in a bun with a beautiful floral pin. Either way south Indian hairstyles depict a rich heritage of India or to sum up some of the bests. Given below are a few great hairstyles originating from south India of which you can customise as per your liking for your wedding-

1. Braids:

south indian bridal hairstyles.1

braids are the go to hairstyle for all your bridal needs when getting hitch in the south Indian heritage. The braids are not only modern and fashionable but they also allow you to satisfy all your cultural needs when getting married.

2. Under the dupatta:

south indian bridal hairstyles.2

if you are going for a more traditional south Indian wedding then the under the dupatta look is the perfect hairstyle for you. You have to have long hair for this. The dupatta half covers your hair bringing the attention to the other half which you can accessorize extensively with flowers and other ornaments.

3. Vision of white:

south indian bridal hairstyles.3
there are a large number of Christians in south India and most of them would love to get married the traditional Christian way. The vision of white hairstyle normally would require you to attach white flowers or any other white ornaments to your hair but you can go with swirls and frills devoid of ornaments as well to match the white dress perfectly.

4. Christian traditional:

south indian bridal hairstyles.4
the bun hairdo is probably one of the more traditional kinds of Christian preferred wedding hairstyles in south India. The bun will do quite well to make your day a very memorable one.

5. Elegant up do:

south indian bridal hairstyles.5

the elegant up do is probably the most elegant yet fashionable hairstyle available to choose from for south Indian brides. The elegant up do requires you to mainly have long hair which can be worn up in a falling bun or close knit bun with plenty of hair ornaments.

6. Teased braids and hair ornaments:

south indian bridal hairstyles.6

alehenga is a very necessary part of the south Indian bridal tradition and this is one of the basic and long standing bridal hairstyles for the traditional brides in south India. Teased braids are a very modern yet traditional look that will surely make your wedding a professional one.

7. Lightly teased and braided in front:

south indian bridal hairstyles.7

this hairstyle is very similar to the original teased braids with the exception that the lightly teased braids allows you not to expose too much of hair if you do not want to. The lightly teased braids can still be adequately accessorised so that you can achieve the best hairstyle for yourself.

8. Tight braid with flowers:

south indian bridal hairstyles.8

the single braid is definitely the longest standing hairstyle in south Indian bridal culture because of its cultural roots. You can accessorise this hairstyle efficiently with a multitude of ornaments.

9. Customisation:

south indian bridal hairstyles.9

a customised hairstyle is probably one of the best ways to go as well because it gives you the freedom of experimenting with a multitude of hairstyles so that you can better choose a hairstyle for your wedding which will completely suit you without a single flaw.

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