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Top 15 Hairstyles for Men with Long Hair


Men have a habit of normally keeping short hair which defines the masculine effects that every man wants to portray but one out of 10 men actually love to support much longer hair than normal and the truth is that these men do not lack in masculinity or strength at all. On the contrary long hair actually does well to support the masculine features of any man making it very easy to accessorize with a wide variety of formal and social wear.

Hairstyles for long hair is very useful and in today’s world it has become extremely fashionable which makes it a part of fashion for men to now support long hair. Straight or curly all kinds of long hair is part of the more modern fashionable types of men’s hairstyles. There are a large variety of great long men’s hairstyles to choose from all of which have their very own unique features which are perfect when you need to find the right hairstyle. The long hair that you can support now shows that long hair has extended to men as well. To further accomplish a good long hairstyle given below are the best long men’s hairstyle available for you to choose from-

1. The double ponytail:

hairstyles for men with long hair1

brought to us by none other than the great beckham himself the double ponytail is a great long men’s hairstyle which is both fashionable and friendly to all kinds of events. If you are truly looking for a great men’s hairstyle that supports long hair then this is the best of the lot. It is a very modern day hairstyle that can be customised as per your choice.

2. Dreadlocks:

hairstyles for men with long hair2

around since the golden 80’s the dreadlocks are a standing testament to the fact that long hair is good for men as well. Match it up with a goatee or French beard to further elaborate your masculine features. Dreadlocks take some time to make and can be difficult to manage at times but at the end of the day it is one of the greatest long hairstyles for men. A set of professional hands is the perfect way to make this hairstyle without having to worry about doing it yourself.

3. Front hanging fringe:

hairstyles for men with long hair3

the front hanging fringe is a late 90’s long hairstyle for men and can be easily accessorised with a streak of blonde as shown in the picture. The front hanging fringe can be matched with a few spikes at the back and a great French beard to further show off your masculine features. Long hair does not have to mean extremely long hair thus the moderate shoulder length hairstyle is the best way to go. Perfect for both formal and social events the front hanging fringe is an almost perfect men’s hairstyle.

4. Classic long:

hairstyles for men with long hair4

a traditional long hairstyle for men it shows that classic long hairstyles look great on men as well. The classic long hairstyle can be accessorised with a large variety of hair colours but it can also be matched with your natural hair colour as well. A little bit of product can be used to maintain this hairstyle properly and from time to time a visit to a professional is recommended but at the end of the day not much work is required to maintain this hairstyle.

5. Simple straight:

hairstyles for men with long hair5

Hairstyles that are simpler than usual actually look better when supported by men and in this case it goes for the same for longer hairstyles for men. Simple straight long hair is very beneficial as men do not require hair that is too extravagant. Simple hair that does not require much maintenance is the best way to go and this is a perfect hairstyle for you. Good for formal and social occasions the simple straight long hair is again a good way to go.

6. Waves:

hairstyles for men with long hair6

waves are the best way to go when you want extremely masculine long hairstyles for men. This great hairstyle is a stunning testament to the fact that long hair looks evenly good on men as well. Match it up with a hair colour of your choice and your good to go for any social or even formal event where you will certainly be the envy to other men and the heartthrob for any lady in the room.

7. Long curls:

hairstyles for men with long hair7

long curls is a very retro hairstyle which has still been in fashion due to its ability to be a very versatile hairstyle. Long curls are awesome and work well when you need to match up your hairstyles with party wear or even a tuxedo for any formal event. The hairstyle goes well with a variety of hair colours and can be maintained easily for your discretion. Look no further when searching for a hassle free long hairstyle for yourself.

8. Tribal long:

hairstyles for men with long hair8

this hairstyle is a completely perfect long hairstyle for a rugged and masculine man. The tribal hairstyle can be easily used for a very formal event where all you need is just a little bit of accessorising. Tribal hairstyles are perfect because when you want to remain hassle free all you need to do is tie it into a ponytail. Ponytails as mentioned earlier are also very fashionable long men’s hairstyles. Try this hairstyle if you want a versatile long hairstyle for yourself.

9. Classic extreme long:

hairstyles for men with long hair9

this basic long hairstyle is much easier to achieve as compared to many other long hairstyles. The classic long can remain curly or even completely straight which is completely your choice. No matter what you do you will never be able to find any problem in regards to this hairstyle because of its versatility and ability to stay hassle free even in the most extreme conditions. Easy to use for both social and formal events the classic long hairstyle is a very modern day long hairstyle.

10. The bun:

hairstyles for men with long hair10

the bun has now extended from women to men as shown in the picture. You can easily make a bun with the help of long hair and it is much better when you have comparatively straighter hair. The bun is easy to handle and requires no maintenance at all making it a great men’s hairstyle to have. It has been around for quite some time but it has only recently increased in popularity as styles keep changing and old styles are coming back into importance.

11. The long back brush:

hairstyles for men with long hair11

this hairstyle is a modification of the original back brush as it incorporates longer hair than usual. The long back brush has a variety of hair colour compatibilities which is the best part about this hairstyle. Use this hairstyle to sway the hearts of all the ladies at both social and formal events. The hairstyle can be hard to maintain at some points but with the right hair products you can even avoid the little problems that you would have had to face.

12. Sleek and long:

hairstyles for men with long hair12

one of the only bold hairstyles for men the sleek and long bold look is another great hairstyle which is perfect for the modern day man. Because of the sudden increase in the popularity of long hair for men people require a larger variety but the classics are always something that will remain as a part of men’s long hair heritage. Go with this hairstyle if you want to look trendy and elegant. Black hair colour is the best way to go with this hairstyle.

13. Retro:

hairstyles for men with long hair13

the retro is a classic long men’s hairstyle that has actually been around for years. Many of the famous rock stars and movie celebrities have adorned this hairstyle successfully. The retro hairstyle is a perfect representation of how men’s long hairstyles have been around for many years but it is the modern day that has encouraged men to go ahead with having longer hair now. Retro hair is the best way to go if you want a classic long hairstyle for yourself.

14. The middle path:

hairstyles for men with long hair14

The middle path shoulder length hairstyle is more of a bad boy look that the ladies would surely die for. The middle path significantly divides the hair into two layers showing how thick and dominating your hair can be. With a little bit of product much can be achieved with this hairstyle. Match it with a goatee or fully fledged beard to increase the intensity of this great hairstyle.

15. Messy curls:

hairstyles for men with long hair15

a very youthful hairstyle the messy curls are a perfect way to incorporate a great hairstyle for yourself. The messy curls do not look informal and can be used to achieve a great look for both formal and informal events. A very versatile hairstyle you can match it with a cap or beanie when going for a day out with friends. Even social parties will be under your belt when supporting this great men’s hairstyle. Shoulder length hair is ideal when sporting this hairstyle to exaggerate the complete intensity of your features.
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