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The Best Hair Products for Distinct Hair Kinds


Hair is a funny thing. Most of us have it and most of us have a hard time dealing with it. I learned this the other day when one of my seemingly simple hair tutorials was featured over at Buzzfeed as a hairstyle some of the ladies were trying out. Only one of the 5 girls said they could do it and liked it. I have since learned that maybe my tutorials need to be even easier and that maybe starting at the basics over here would be a good idea.

So how about starting with the best hair products for a each hair type? I must say that when creating any style, if you don’t have the right kind of products, it’s just not gonna be as easy. Hair won’t stay, or be as voluminous as it would have been if you used product. It’s a sad fact, but a fact nonetheless! Now, on the other hand, if you use the wrong products, your hair might not turn out the way you want. Let’s discuss…

The Best Hair Products for different hair types

best hair products for different hair types

I love to blow dry hair. I don’t know what it is, but it’s fun for me. Not so much my own hair, that’s quite a bit less fun, but other people’s. So when I am around my mom, I always make sure to do her hair. Then, of course, she brags to her friends that she has a personal blow dry bar and they want the same benefits! Now I have a little clientele going and I’m like a mobile blow dry bar! Good thing I love it!

Through doing all kinds of hair, I’ve come to see what products work best for what types of hair. My mom, for example, has very fine hair. She has a lot of it, but it’s fine. When I use the same products that I love on my hair — specifically the smoothing serums, it just flattens her hair. On the other hand, when I blow dry another friends hair which is extremely thick, I can’t use any volumizing product because it would just be too huge! You get the picture!

So I am going to break down the best hair products for 3 main hair styles today – thin, thick, and frizzy hair. If you don’t fall into one of those categories, leave a comment with the types of hair you have and maybe I can do a follow up post!

Okay, let’s do this!

For Thin Hair

best hair products for thin hair

Thin haired gals want volume! And guess what ladies — it’s possible! I get comments on some of my hair tutorials “oh I wish I could do that but my hair isn’t very thick.” Well, that’s a big myth. You can do it! Sure things will look a little different, but I honestly think that thin hair is easier to work with. I have thick, heavy hair that gets weighed down and slips through bobby pins. With the right products, thin hair will do whatever you want it to! Here are the best hair products for thin hair.

  • Mousse: I like the Biolage mousse because it’s a great hold without making your hair feel tough or crunchy.
  • Volumizing Blow Dry Gel: This stuff is amazing. Just a dime or nickel size drop in your hand, rub them together and then apply it to damp hair. No need to do the roots, but a little ways down all the way to the ends. The difference in volume after you blow dry is incredible. Perfect for ladies with thin hair!
  • Root Pump: Another amazing product and perfect for ladies looking for a little extra help in the volume department. It lifts your hair at the roots and helps create volume that lasts throughout the day. It also makes it so much easier to style or to add a little lift with a teaser comb. I use Big Sexy Hair Root Pump or Aquage Uplifting Foam. They are both fabulous.
  • Hair spray: Thin hair shouldn’t have too hard of a time staying in place with a little bit of hairspray. This one has super great hold and smells delicious! You’ll definitely want something like it.

You should stay away from any kind of smoothing serum or oil. This will just weight your hair down. Of course, if you’re looking for smooth, straight hair, then those products are okay. But if you’re looking for a voluminous blow out, don’t use them.

For frizzy hair

best hair products for frizzy hair

The thing about frizzy hair is that it’s dying for moisture. That’s why it’s frizzin’ out. You want to make sure you have a good moisturizing shampoo and deep condition of8. Products also play a huge role in reducing frizz. This is where oils and serums come in handy. Here are some of the best hair products for frizzy hair.

The key to maintaining frizzy hair is trying to not let it dry out. Deep condition often, use moisturizing shampoos, sleep on a satin pillow case and don’t brush your hair often if at all. If you have curly hair, check out these tips.

For thick hair

best hair products for thick hair

Just like with thin hair you don’t want to use serums because they will weight your hair down, with thick hair you can steer clear of the volumizing products. They won’t negatively affect your hair as serum would thin hair, but you just don’t need them. I have included a light weight root pump in case you do want a little help at the roots, but it might not even be necessary if you have thick enough hair. Here are the best hair products you can try for thick hair.

  • Mousse – using a mousse like this Pantene one will give you some texture to help you work with your hair better, but won’t be too much or add to the volume. This TRESemme is also a good choice.
  • Hair oils – I love my Dove Pure Care Dry Oil. I think I love the Orofluido more, but the Dove does a great job and isn’t as expensive. If money’s not a problem, get the Orofluido, if you’re looking to save & still get a great product, get the Dove.
  • Leave in conditioner – You don’t want to weight down your thick hair, but you do want to make sure it’s moisturized. The It’s A 10 leave in conditioner lite is a great option.
  • Root lifting gel – I know  I said you didn’t need volumizing products, and it’s true. But sometimes our roots just need a little bit of help. The Pantene volume root lifting spray gel is a good option because it gives a little volume without expanding your hair too much. I have gotten quite a bit of use out of this product!

What I use

best hair products

Now that I’ve covered 3 main hair types, I thought I’d share what I use regularly. I don’t use product every time I do my hair, but when I do, these are the ones I use the most.

  • Leave in Conditioner – straight out of the shower I add my It’s A 10 leave in conditioner lite. I spray it half way down and mainly to the roots. Then, if I need to, I use a wide-tooth comb to comb through my hair. Sometimes I just leave it or comb through with my hands. I try to follow these tips on maintaining healthy hair.
  • Orofluido – After the leave in conditioner, I add a small, dime-sized amount of Orofluido to the ends of my hair.
  • Roots – I love a good root pump. For me I feel like it helps my hair feel cleaner longer and definitely helps with volume. I have lately been using Big Sexy Hair Root Pump and really love the results. Another great product is Aquage Uplifting Foam.
  • Blow Dry Volumizing Gel – I haven’t experienced a product like this one. The way that it works on my hair is fabulous. I have generally thick hair, but this just maximizes he volume and gives me thicker fuller hair. I love it. I don’t know if there is a comparable product, to be completely honest. I have also tried the John Freida Spray and it works but I prefer the Big Sexy Hair.
  • Hair spray – I don’t always use hairspray, but if I’ve styled my hair and I want it to stay, Control Addict is a must. It smells fabulous and definitely holds everything in place without making it stiff. Love this stuff. Another great hairspray is Bumble and Bumble.

PHEW!! Did that help you out at all? I hope you get a chance to shop these products! By the way, this isn’t a sponsored post at all and these are all products that I either use or have used so I feel good recommending them. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments or e-mail me, I’d be happy to help if I can! Or, like I said, if I didn’t mention your hair type, leave it in the comments and I can maybe do a follow up post.

Also, you might have noticed that these products do overlap a little. You really need to find what works for your hair. For example, I really love Big Sexy Hair dry shampoo. I’ve tried a ton of others that people have recommended and from really great brands! They just didn’t work for me. So I’m sticking to what works! Same goes for you! I am recommending these products because I know and love them. I would suggest giving them a try. But in the end, find what works for you!

I also didn’t mention curly hair here because I did a whole post on how to care for curly hair here!

Okay – have a great weekend!

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