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Simple Spring Hairstyles


Spring Hairstyles

Now spring has arrived it can only suggest a single issue, effortless spring hairstyles. When the seasons change, so do our hair do’s! These super cute spring hairstyles are actually straightforward to recreate as well, so you’ll be rocking these appears in no time!

The Loose Low Ponytail

We’re going to kick off our spring hairstyles with Sarah Hyland’s loose, reduced ponytail. This hairstyle is bang on trend also, with extra texture and a boho vibe, it’s a yes from us! This hairstyle tends to work best on hair that’s in between washes so if you’re feeling a tiny lazy and cannot be bothered washing your hair, this one is for you, gals. Here’s how to get the look..

Firstly, grab your dry shampoo (as you all most likely know, we enjoy the Tigi Catwalk Session Series Transforming Dry Shampoo btw!) and spritz your hair all above and massage into your locks. This will soak up any extra oil and also add some added texture in your tresses.

Next you will want to sweep all in excess of you hair over to one side. Then making use of a backcombing brush, tease random sections of your hair to ‘poof’ up your hair. Safe in location using a clear elastic or thin hair tie close to two inches from the tips of your hair.

To finish of your spring hairstyle, consider a tiny piece of hair from the back of your ponytail and wrap it around the hair elastic/hair tie to give a polished finish. To keep your hair in spot, mist your locks with the Tigi Bed Head Masterpiece Huge Shine Hairspray!

The Fancy Fishtail Braid

Our up coming spring hairstyle which we are massive followers of has taken inspiration from Kerry Washington’s fishtail braid. This hairstyle seems so pretty and intricate but in reality, it’s really effortless to do. Here’s how to get the appear fellow style sisters…

So, to get started your fancy fishtail braid, tease the segment of hair at the crown of your head with a backcombing brush and then sweep your hair above to 1 side. Gather your hair into a reduced side ponytail and safe a Bobby Glam Wrap About Ponytail for extra thickness.

Now you require to split your ponytail into two sections. Develop your fishtail braid by taking a modest piece of hair from 1 section and crossing it over to the other part. Following, get a small piece of hair from the 2nd area and cross it back to very first. Repeat this process until you reach the ends of your locks.

Last but not least, secure your fishtail braid with a hair tie and gently pull the braid apart making use of your fingers for added texture and thickness. Finish off the look by teasing a few strands of hair at the sides of your encounter to give your spring hairstyle an effortless vibe. For long lasting shine mist your braid with the Osmo Berber Oil Light Radiance Spray.

Barely There Waves

Last but not least in our collection of straightforward spring hairstyles we have taken inspo from the gorgeous Kendall Jenner’s barely-there waves. This is a super laid back hairstyle and oozes Cali chicness. Here’s how to get the search…

Preparation is key for this spring hairstyle. Start by prepping damp tresses with the Tigi Catwalk Session Series Salt Spray. This will aid give the limpest of lock ample texture to pull of the barely there wave look perfectly.

Up coming, commence blow drying your locks and simply twist your hair as you happen to be blow drying your hair to give you that naturally tousled appear.

When you hair is entirely dry, polish up your spring hairstyle by take a flat iron to the ends of your hair (we adore the Cloud 9 Iron as you can adjust the heat). For Kendall’s enviable shine be sure to spritz your tresses with Tigi Bed Head Headrush, you’re welcome!

These easy spring hairstyles are super cute and sooo straightforward to recreate! Which 1 is your fave?

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