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Must Have; Hair Extension Brush



Gals, we know you love your hair extensions but are you using the kindest brush possible on them? The Professional Loop Brush is an absolute must have for hair extensions fanatics, here’s why…

The Professional Loop brush contains loop bristles instead of normal single straight bristles, this ensures that the brush does not tear or aggravate your beautiful hair extensions, it much softer and super gentle on your hair extensions. Not only that, but it’s much kinder to your natural hair too!


You will notice how gentle the brush is on your hair extensions compared to other bog standard brushes, there is no harsh brushing sounds (which makes us squirm – poor hair extensions) and they literally glide through the hair with ease. Leaving you with gorgeous tangle free hair extensions, bliss!

The Professional Loop Brush is a handbag essential if you’re keen on looking after your hair extensions. Plus the handy pointed design of the brush doubles up as a sectioning tool, so you have a two in one kinda brush, meaning you won’t have to tote your comb AND your brush around on a daily basis.

This hair brush is an actual saviour for hair extensions lovers, we’re big fans!

Have you got The Professional Loop Brush?

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