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Margot Robbie’s hair is attracting us for all the right reasons at the moment, we think she pretty much ALWAYS gets it right which is why we are paying homage to some of our fave looks on her. We are totally crushin’; on Margot and her locks, here’;s why…

When we set eyes on Margot Robbie in The Wolf Of Wall Street, we knew it was hair love at first sight. With her blonde locks and 60’s inspired hair we were immediately big fans. From then on, we’;ve kept an eye on Margot Robbie and her best hair styles, and we think she gets it oh so right! We love Margot Robbie’s blonde bobs and wobs, we think she looks ah-mazing with this hairstyle. Don’t you?

Margot-Robbie's-Hair-Wolf-Of-Wall-Street-Babe Margot-Robbie's-Hair-Blonde-Bobs

Not only that, but Margot also rocks updo’s just the way we like them! Perfected braids and buns are our fave updos, and Margot appears to be a fan of them, too. We love how classy and elegant up do’s look and how they can completely transform your look.


Margot Robbie then completely transformed her hair and went to the other side of the spectrum, opting for dark, luscious locks instead, and well, we absolutely loved this shade on Margot. We think she looks totally different and this shade gives her a different vibe. We also adore the perfected, glam waves she is rocking. This look is to die for, right!?


So, which look is your fave on Margot Robbie?

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