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Kendall Jenner’s Hair


Kendall Jenner's Hair

She’;s been announced as the brand new face and entire body of Calvin Klein so you know what that means? Our obsession with Kendall Jenner’s hair continues!

Kendall Jenner's Hair

Kendall rather much has that off duty model appear completely nailed and is typically spotted working about the streets of New York with her prolonged tresses thrown up into different states. Possessing a supermodel bone structure absolutely aids with pulling off the ultra casual daytime search which signifies that Kendall appears significantly less like a hungover uni student who has no time for their hair and far more like an effortless, carefree babe. Note to selves, must consider to appear more like Kendall on a every day basis.

Kendall Jenner's Hair

Glammed up lady-next-door is Kendall Jenner’s signature design and it’s actually no surprise, given that Kendall belongs to one particular of the most glam households in the planet! Kendall’s tresses are constantly super-extended, poker straight and stored to their all-natural deep, chocolate hue. We love when Kendall adds some signature Kardashian-style glamourous waves to her hair extensions for a super sexy appear. With hair like this, it’s no surprise that Kendall is going to be following in Kate Moss’ footsteps with a Calvin Klein campaign.

Kendall Jenner's Hair

We’ve totally loved seeing Kendall’s transformation from shy, young lady to bona-fide supermodel and fashion darling with a string of appearances on some of the most well-known designer runways. Kendall’s classic and basic locks are excellent for showcasing the hottest new hair trends and she manages to pull off edgy seems with ease as well!

Kim may be the star of ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ but we think Kendall Jenner’s hair will be stealing the spotlight this season!

Not a fan of Kendall’s locks? Do not fret, we’ve also profiled her gorgeous sister, Kylie Jenner’s hair as well!

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