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Kaley Cuoco – Pretty In Pink!


Kaley Cuoco Pretty In Pink Hair and Eyebrows

OMG have you seen Kaley Cuoco’s fierce new ‘pretty in pink’; look complete with pink eyebrows?! We are ob-sessed.

Kaley Cuoco Pastel Pink Hair

We’ve long known Kaley as a beautiful, blonde bombshell but she recently surprised us by dyeing her pixie crop this gorgeous feminine pink hue. We think this look is ideal for the summer months (especially for festivals) as a temporary way of freshening up your hair. You can easily achieve this look using the Renbow Crazy Colour in the shade Candyfloss and mixing it with some white conditioner for a softer, more delicate pastel pink. Love the colour but want it for your extensions instead? Here’;s our guide on how to dye hair extensions pastel shades.

Kaley Cuoco Pink #eyebrowsonfleek

But Kaley wasn’t finished with her pink transformation quite yet. The actress has recently debuted these uh-mazing pink eyebrows on her Instagram page -talk about #eyebrowsonfleek! Now, the pics Kaley posted were from a photoshoot so it’s quite possible that these brows are temporary but we definitely think she should keep them for a while. We know pink eyebrows aren’t for everyone but we think this look is surprisingly subtle and suits Kaley’s fun personality to a tee.

Beauty Blogger Dani tries the look pink eyebrows

We got our resident beauty daredevil, Dani, to trial this look out and her verdict was a definite love and we have to say we agree! You can get this look by using a pink hair chalk if you have fuller eyebrows (carefully as you don’t want to get it in your eyes) or, go for the even easier option of a pink blusher or eyeshadow. Dani tried the look out with a bold pink blusher – do you think it suits her?

What do you think of Kaley Cuoco’s pink hair and new pink eyebrows? We think it looks absolutely gorgeous on her and we’re definitely going to be giving this look a try!

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