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June Horoscope


June Horoscope from Dirty LooksSummer is almost here – What’;s it gonna’; be? Let’;s take a look at the Dirty Looks Horoscope for June and see what’;s in the stars for all you beautiful lovelies!


Things may seem quiet right now for all you Aries gals – Don’t worry, things are still moving forward, there’;s lots going on behind the scenes – you can’t always feel yourself moving but often you are : ) You’re OK to keep some focus on your own mind and soul leaving other stuff to take care of itself – you’ll stay close to the fam in June – it’ll feel right. It looks like you’re in a good place with the ol’ dollars this month so enjoy that but don’t go nuts. Singlies – be on the look out for romance!


Taurus girls need to keep smiling this month – It is a bit crappy in some areas but come on, it’s no biggy! You’re just a bit stressed so take some time to unwind. Career is still cool but you are in need of some down time. This may not be possible so do what you can to chill when you can. Talk to people close to you and look after yourself. A healthy diet and some exercise will go a long way, avoid anything that could depress you and surround yourself with fun people….. easy peasy. Don’t panic – this crap feeling won’t last, you’re just having a moment, the rest of the year is looking good.


Gemini girls are in a good position this June to get their image just as they want it. Money and personal pleasures seem to be a big flavour flave of the month so why not give yourself that fleek makeover you’ve been craving – you’re certainly in the right place ; ) Love is on track and doing as it should. There can be some June troubles and drama with work so work hard and stay focussed – this should make any obstacles easy enough to ace in time.


It’s all about good vibes in June for all you Cancerians. You’re in a period of spiritual and intrinsic growth – ommmmmm. Your health and energy are up, you’re feeling good and plan to keep that buzz going. Your inner girlboss is in her prime and you are in a position to take on any challenge that comes your way – use this power to create situations that suit you. This is a good time to have your starsign – you don’t even really need to do anything – things are just swell.


You’re wowing the crowds with your image, your style and your success in June – Things are on the up and it’s party time for Leo. This is only the beginning, things are set to get even better next month! Woop! For Leo’s, June 2015 is an excellent time for adding to the look book! Get shopping Leo – You are a leader, a trendsetter, a tastemaker. Love and friendship are also strong themes this month – It’s good to be a Leo!


Virgos need to be careful not to overwork themselves – This is hard to do when things are going so well. The progress you’re making is addictive – you’re like a success junkie. Your goals are being achieved, your intuition is good, you are a #girlboss for sure. But come on Virgs, take some time to relax as well. You are in a good position to make s**t happen this month, so create a life you want and own it!


Ok so the Libra headline for June is ‘Work B***h’. There are opportunities to be had so you need to get yourself out there. Friends and your love will be supportive so get on with it. Love is all lovey this month, just how you Libra gals like it ; ) You are attracted to people in high places, people of power and prestige, you’re no Dirty Diana but there may be an office romance on the cards. Get some sleep and rest in between but make this month the month of Libra – make it happen!


Right then Scorps, where is the love? You’;re a bit gloomy of late, you seem to have the hump – The best way to deal with this is to consciously emit good vibes, warmth and love to those around you. Scorpio gals need to focus some energy on work this month, your career mojo is strong so use it and success and other sweet, happy things should follow. Love is a clear theme for June – all the more reason to perk yourself up – you’;ll be feeling the romance in no time.


Enough dreaming! It’s time to make things happen – you have been visualising, you’ve focused your energy, now it’s time to create the reality you crave. You can pursue your goals through concrete actions. Opportunities are plentiful, so be on the lookout and take a hold of them.  All these positive vibes are going to do wonders for confidence and with this confidence, love will be on the up too! Wowsers, this is a good month for Sagitarius!


June will be a good time for some personal reflection. It’s OK to not always be moving forward. Sometimes staying still or even taking a step back is just what you need to get moving forward again. Time to get all deep, be one with your thoughts, meditate ‘ommmmm’ – this will help you to assert yourself and to become more confident. With reflection, this will also be a good time for a personal transformation, perhaps a badass makeover – go on, you know you want to


It’s sweet to be an Aquarius girl right now. You are enjoying a peak in personal pleasure. You are in the mood to mingle and party – That’s cool, party away but get it out of your system soon ready to focus on a career b***h surge towards the end of the month. Opportunities will open up, be on the lookout and take what you can get. Love is casual and sweet right now, that suits you, you’re happy.


Time for Pisces gals to bring the fun! You’ve been dead suurious for a bit. It’;s time to let your hair down (complemented by dirty looks hair extensions of course). Time out with the girls will be just what you need to feel the good vibes and to recharge your fleek batteries. You have a big creative streak desperate to come out this month. Let it. Create art and be happy.

There you have it, that’;s June – Don’;t forget to check out our store and get your hands on the most luxurious hair extensions in town ; )

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