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Is GRANNY HAIR Really The #1 Hair Trend Appropriate Now?


No, I did not just hit my head, nor am I writing this drunk. I’ve really by no means been a lot more critical, and sober for that matter. GREY HAIR is a factor these days, and GRANNY GLAM just became a massive hair trend in 2015. Whaaaaaaaaa?!

Are we loving it women? Yes, we are. Why? Very first of all trigger it seems fabulous and 2nd of all, for every thing it actually stands for. For decades vogue has been throwing beauty stereotypes our way all centred all around the idea of youth, as if getting youthful is a option and there are tons of immortals and gorgeous vampires out there to whose appears we’re all dying to aspire.

To feel youth is elegance is regular, but to restrict elegance to this notion is ridiculous. Millions of ladies well beyond the age of 50 or 60 look much more beautiful than millions of other women in their 20s. And viceversa. Attractiveness comes from inside of, from self-confidence, from brilliance, from happiness, from kindness, from strength, from really like, from attitude, charisma and so much more that hardly ever has to do with just seems.

Of course as people subjected to time passing and the oh-so-scary-obtaining-previous-stage in our lives we attempt to hold ourselves youthful as considerably as we can. And yes, hair colouring is one gimmick billions of ladies of all ages are performing. one) For the trend of it, and two) for necessity – covering up these silver hairs.

beauty-trend-grey-hair glam-old-ladies-grey-hair granny-glam-hair-trend

The fact that vogue just place grey hair on a trend pedestal only comes to demonstrate us how stupid in fact all these beauty-concepts are. Of course a good deal can be stated about this, and reality be told I’m not even sure if there’s a wrong or appropriate.

The Granny Glam hair trend was started out by young women and attractiveness bloggers who produced their locks silver and kept their makeup sassy: bold lips, perfectly applied eyeliner and lashes, prolonged nails, contouring on stage, although their mothers and grandmothers continue to dye their grey hair.

grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-8 grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-17

Still, there are loads of other woman out there, way ahead of this became a trend, with organic silver hair that frankly really don’;t give a fuck about hair trends and colouring and put on their manes with the pride that only comes with time and self-self-confidence. And they search beautiful.

grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-7 natural-grey-hair-looks

At the finish of the day the grey hair trend could be just another fad, that might or could not liberate the thought of attractiveness for some women. Result in truly it’s up to each and every and every 1 of us.

I really do not have any silver hairs however, but I’d go granny glam if only I’d have a glam squad. Now… if I had a head full of grey hair… in all honesty I’m not confident I’d rock that shit. Cause I couldn’t. Of program, I can only hope time strengthens my self-self-confidence and I may well be this posh lady with beautiful silver hair, ideal lips and groomed nails when the time comes.

I may well have gotten a bit carried away right here on the thought of attractiveness and youth, but I come to feel like trend Finally does make a level, and this may just be a single of the brilliant fashion movements we’ve all been waiting for. Attractiveness is after all so quite subjective and limiting it to one particular or two suggestions is a full waste of… beauty itself.

Despite the fact that the granny hair trend became a look appropriate now, courtesy of young women (who let’s be honest right here, could do what ever they wanted with youth on their side)… some of us will probably overthink this in a good way. I suggest why do we regard guys with a handful of silver hairs as bloody scorching? See my point?

grey-blue-hair grey-hair-glam-style grey-hair-glam

The over rant aside, we are nevertheless faced with one question: can absolutely everyone do grey hair as a trend, and of so, are there any styling suggestions?

The factor about grey hair I think is it tends to wash you out, so obtaining the correct shade (sounds silly, but Im guessing when dyeing your locks silver it does come down to much more shades to select from) is vital. The granny glam hair trend comes in white hair, even a specified shade of platinum, grey, or greyish blue.

Makeup sensible you need to have to go complete on, if you request me, in purchase to steer clear of the aforementioned washed-out impact. Bold lips search wonderful!

grey-hair-trend street-style-grey-hair-3

Type wise: anything at all that clashes with the notion of grey hair functions its magic. Edgy seems, in excess of-the-prime glamorous variations, a bit of rocknroll vibes all develop a excellent type stability against silver hair.

grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-1 grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-2 grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-3 grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-5 grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-10

So girls if you dare to do this amazingly statement and wonderful search kudos to you. If you have previously received a few silvers in your hair I feel correct now would be a great time to stop stressing about it.  And last but certainly not least, if you are previously rocking the all-natural silver mane you are wonderful.

the pics now…

grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-4 grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-6 grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-11 grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-13 grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-14 grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-15 grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-16 grey-hair-spring-hairstyle-trend-2015-18 grey-hair-style-2015 grey-hair-trend-spring-2015 hair-trend-grey-hair natural-grey-hair shades-of-grey-hair street-style-grey-hair street-style-grey-hair-1 street-style-grey-hair-4 street-style-grey-hair-5 street-style-grey-hair-7 street-style-grey-hair-8 street-style-grey-hair-9 street-style-grey-hair-10 street-style-grey-hair-12

Attractiveness is just an thought we all have in our minds and hearts and we owe it to ourselves to broaden it, break its boundaries and ironically not target it on appears but rather on what actually can make a girl beautiful. Age and hair have practically nothing to do with it. My money’s on kindness, really like, real friendship, power, and happiness.

Here’s to all the girls out there! #youareallbeautiful

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