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‘I Woke Up Like This: FLAWLESS’


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Carefree. All opinions are 100% mine.

The fact that we all wake up flawless, with perfect curled eyelashes, amazing bed-hair, soft skin, feeling fresher than a green and orange juice altogether – goes without saying. Right?

Well… let’s just say flawless is a state of mind and sprit. How we feel on the inside. Translating that to the human eyes and senses around us might require a few aids here and there. Kinda makes my mind wander to that ‘Sex and the City’ episode when Carrie Bradshaw told Big she needed to leave a few things over at his place because, figure this: ‘I do not look like this, when I wake up.’ Hairdryer or straightener, mascara, moisturiser, deodorant, daily liners. And that’s just to get her and any of us started.

Looking fresh and effortless actually comes with a village. Well no, not really, but let’s just say we need a few extra gimmicks alongside hopping in the shower. But so do boys. So let’s call this even and just focus on the fun game side. For example: how many men would actually know to name the products us girls use on a daily basis? Would they actually have a clue as to what each item does, and what we use it for? 


Discover why fresh is fierce

Carefree daily liners just launched this incredibly accurate and funny video that is a total must-watch for two reasons:

1. A little Tuesday laugh at the office never hurt nobody. Trust me. It is so funny.

2. You will actually be stunned to realise how men have so little clue in regards to our daily beauty routines. Not that they need to, but they live with us… I always figured after the first year our secrets are out. Ha!

Watch the video below, enjoy it and then let’s talk about our beauty daily routines.

I swear the funniest and most shocking thing was how they use Carefree Daily Liners as name tags. That is actually pretty brilliant. I guess in a man’s world it would all be possible. Joke aside, with still a sweet smile on our faces, it is slightly shocking in a funny way how little men actually know about our daily routines and beauty weapons, which we thought were out in the open for anybody.

The Carefree Daily Liners video brilliantly captures this, and makes a bit of fun at this ‘mansplaning trend’. You watch it and you cringe a little but can’t help to burst into laughter at the same time. I think it’s all very smart and empowering towards us woman, and about high time men got the inside of the flawless business. Which we thought they knew.

In our worlds ladies, let’s be honest, if there’s one thing we need, it’s to feel fresh ALL. THE. TIME. We’d die sans le daily liners, among other things. For me Carefree is THE brand and it does what it says, and THAT is a major part of my daily routine.

Carefree3 Carefree2

I start my day with a long yawn, snoozing the alarm, quickly glancing through emails, Facebook, Instagram et all, and then jumping from the bed and straight into the shower. No morning, however lazy, hungover, tired, late I am will ever exist without: moisturiser on my face and body, deodorant, lashes curler, mascara, sometimes lip balm or lip gloss, hair comb, and Carefree daily liners. All is wrapped up with just a dash of perfume.

On good days I add eye-shadow, a bit of contouring, or dry shampoo.

At the end of the day it’s all about feeling FRESH & FIERCE as Carefree says, and we’ve all got our secret weapons for this.

And now it’s your turn to share your secret beauty routine, and what you can’t go without. xoxo

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