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How To Tone Blonde Hair Extensions


How To Tone Blonde Hair Extensions

Is your hair super light or ash blonde and you are finding it a tiny difficult to match your hair extensions? If so, here’s some of our guidelines on how to tone blonde hair extensions which will aid you accomplish the best match.

Okay, so the 1st stage to toning your blonde hair extensions would be to invest in a marvellous shampoo. A single of our private faves is the Tigi Fashionista Violet Shampoo. Not only does this tone your hair but it is also truly hydrating so it won’t cause any harm to your beloved hair extensions.

Up coming, you will need to have to tone your hair extensions. To do this, fill a bowl with lukewarm water and include a modest amount of Tigi Fashionista shampoo. Swirl this around in the water using your hand to support this dissolve. Before toning your hair extensions it is super critical to carry out a strand check so you are in a position to see how the hair extensions will react to the toning shampoo. For this we advocate making use of a 1 clip weft so you can test this out suitably. Take your weft and dunk it into the water and reaaaally gently massage the shampoo and water into the hair. You only require to do this for close to twenty-thirty seconds, any longer and your hair extensions will turn a lavender shade!! If you are satisfied with the strand test you can go ahead and repeat the approach for each weft.

When you have dunked all of your wefts and they are hunting lovely and light, be confident to rinse every single weft thoroughly commencing with the 1st weft you dunked. Hold the weft at the clips and rinse away!

Soon after you have toned your hair extensions it is a good idea to use a moisturising conditioner to replenish the moisture which has been misplaced from using the shampoo. Be confident to rinse out completely, too!

Now you hair extensions have been toned and replenished with moisture you will need to have to dry them! To do this we recommend placing your extensions on a towel and pat them dry to get rid of any excess water, after this has been completed leave your hair extensions out on the towel to dry naturally overnight.

So, if you get your hair extensions and you’;re immediately upset that they aren’;t a ideal match, don’t shout, cry and/or scream, just comply with these straightforward steps and you’ll be on your way to properly matched hair in a jiffy!

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