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How to Pick the Best Curling Tong


How to Choose the Perfect Curling Tongs

Curling tongs come in such a variety of shapes and sizes that it’s frequently super difficult to know which a single is the greatest for you. To help you make the right decision for your locks, we’re bringing you ‘How to Pick the Best Curling Tongs’ – Dirty Looks’ ultimate guide to picking the proper curling gear for your hair length.

Preserve reading through to find out what you ought to be using to produce your dream waves…

How to Choose the Perfect Curling Tongs

With bobs and lobs currently being so well-liked and on-trend at the second, it is vitally critical that we let you know which curling tong is ideal for quick hair! To curl shorter length hair, all you require is a curling tong which has a smaller sized barrel. We really like the Babyliss Pro Curling Tongs in 24mm for generating perfectly tousled, undone waves.

How to Choose the Perfect Curling Tongs

The aforementioned 24mm Babyliss Professional Curling Tongs aren’t just for the shorter haired amid us although. They are also the excellent curling tong for incorporating tighter curls to medium length hairstyles like Lily Collins’. If you want a a lot more relaxed, bedhead wave like Alexa, you will need a slightly more substantial barrel size. The 32mm Session Quick Heat Tong is the perfect dimension for generating awesome and messy waves in a matter of minutes.

How to Choose the Perfect Curling Tongs

The fortunate lengthy-haired girls (or the ones sporting their extensions), can choose from any curling tong they’d like for flawless waves. We personally adore utilizing the 38mm Babyliss Pro Curling Tongs on lengthy tresses for additional unique beachy waves like Lauren Conrad’s signature seem. Make certain you wrap your hair close to the tong going away from your encounter for super voluminous curls.

Hopefully our manual on how to pick the perfect curling tongs has assisted you stay away from any styling dilemmas! What’s your favorite way to curl your hair: tongs, straighteners or rollers?

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