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How to Make Your Hair Seem Good in Images


How to Make Your Hair Look Good in Photos

Obsessed with taking selfies? Hey, it’s ok (we are also)! What’s not okay however, is if your hair is searching decidedly dire in them! Go through on for our ideas on how to make your hair search great in photographs and in no way encounter a undesirable selfie yet again.

How to make your hair search excellent in images: Tip #1

The very first phase in how to make your hair look excellent in photographs is to tame any unattractive frizziness or flyaways. You may well feel your locks search fine in the mirror but any camera that lands on you will select up each and every last wafty hair. To fight those dreaded wispy strands, consider a smoothing serum this kind of as the Tigi S Issue Dream Drops (our fave), rub among your palms and then gently smooth in excess of the crown of your head and any areas which are prone to flyaway strands.

How to take the perfect selfie

How to make your hair search good in images: Tip #two

If you want your hair to appear like perfection personified in photos, you need to find a happy medium on the volume front. The camera can be harsh, so it is greatest to steer clear of attractiveness pageant style volume which helps make your hair bigger than your head. Our tips? If you have fine hair, prep your locks with the Tigi Bed Head Styleshots Epic Volume Shampoo and Conditioner before possessing your photo taken. This duo is positive to plump up your tresses without having making an 80’s style helmet ‘do. If you’re fortunate adequate to have thicker tresses, opt for a smoother and sleeker hairstyle to steer clear of any photograph mishaps – Kim Kardashian should be your hair selfie role model here!

How to make your hair seem great in photographs: Tip #3

Hairspray is an absolute should have for a evening out, but did you know that overdosing on your beloved can outcome in stiff and unnatural hunting tresses? Once you have accomplished your ideal ‘do, don’t spray until finally it’s completely rigid – be a tiny far more frugal with your spritzes. Hair that has movement will always search better in photos than overstyled and overworked locks. For strong hold without having the stiffness, we advocate the Tigi Bed Head Rockaholic Entertaining Times Flexible Hairspray which will guarantee your type stays locked in spot but with plenty of all-natural movement.

So, now that you know how to make your hair search excellent in pictures, we’d really like to see your selfies! Hashtag your Dirty Seems hair extension selfies with #dtylooks on Instagram so we can see how you’re styling your HK’s. Do not overlook, if you share us, we’ll share you!

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