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How to get lengthy lasting curls in your hair extensions


How To Get Long Lasting Curls In Your Hair Extensions

Really like possessing curls in your clip-in’s? Questioning how to make them remain place even longer? Here’s some ideas on how to get extended lasting curls in your hair extensions.

First items initial, preparation is crucial, gals. So let us begin with prepping your hair extensions by applying a tiny sum of Tigi On The Rebound Curl Recall Cream throughout your extensions. Pop a small bit of this in your pals and rub your hands with each other then work by way of your extennies. This stuff assists guarantee that your curls are perfectly smooth and defined as properly as offering them some added hold, helping your curls keep put for longer!

Now let’s move on to styling. Grab your ‘go to’ styling instrument for curling, we really like the Babyliss Pro Curling Tongs 24mm Ceramic Dial -A-Heat for an ah-mazing wave. You might choose to use straighteners to curl your hair, and that is completely fine! So curl away like you would generally, even so this time when sliding your hair out of the curling tong (or straightener) permit this to drop into a perfected curl. Keep in mind to use a heat protectant just before curling, our fave is Tigi S Factor Flat Iron Heat Defender.

How To Get Long Lasting Curls In Your Hair Extensions

Now then, to make these curls stay in longer this is the greatest should do tip! Roll up your curl, following the curl of the hair and pin these in a round shape. Use a massive hair clip to secure in spot and repeat this procedure for all of your wefts. Leave the hair like this as extended as you can, leaving them overnight is generally provides us the ideal results!

When your hair extensions have been left and are ready to use, it is time to curl you personal hair. Use the very same device as you did on your hair extensions to make certain the curls are fairly even. Now take your extennies, unpin the curls and fit them as you typically would.

Lastly, gently brush by means of your hair extensions and use the Tigi Catwalk Curls Rock Curl Amplifier to separate the curls. Make you certain commit some time blending your very own hair with the hair extensions just before finishing your look with a spritz of Tigi Rockaholic Exciting Times Versatile Hairspray.

Even even though all of the hair extensions stocked by Dirty Seems to be are 100% human hair, we all know heated styling can result in injury. Which is why we enjoy this method to get prolonged lasting curls! It is kinder to our hair, and our time receiving prepared!

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